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By on August 15, 2007

Barrasso’s bachelor’s days to end

The Washington Post is leading the charge in reporting that
newly tabbed U.S. Sen. John Barrasso has announced his engagement
to be married to longtime girlfriend Bobbi Brown. Brown,
who is divorced, worked for 17 years as state director for
Barrasso’s predecessor, the late Sen. Craig Thomas.

protest leads news

While Vice President Dick Cheney’s
appearance at the grand opening and
dedication of the Craig Thomas
Discovery and Visitor Center at Grand
Teton National Park should have
solicited mentions from news agencies
outside our area, it was the seedy
underbelly that grabbed the spotlight.
The peace rally/war protest, led by
former NAG scribe Jim Stanford near
the vice president’s home in Teton Pines, attracted about 250
protesters. Internet re-trafficker linked up this
paper’s coverage of the protest, which included a short video, and
immediately the Planet’s server groaned at the 40,000 visitors it
received in 12 hours.
The actual dedication ceremony was reported as far away as
Spain by their news gathering agency, Infobolsa.

Moran bungalow makes Forbes

“Best Places To Buy A Vacation Home.” As soon as we read the
headline in Forbes’ Life section, we knew who would top the list.
Sure enough, the very first listing in the “West” category was a
cozy little $1.99 million, 4,200-square-foot Craftsman-style trophy
in Moran, Wyo. Moran!
The article stated: “The safest bets are luxury homes in bluechip
locales. While a Jackson Hole ski lodge or a Martha’s
Vineyard beach house probably won’t explode in short-term
value – unless snow stops falling on the Grand Tetons or the
Massachusetts shoreline disappears – both are highly desirable,
heavily supply constrained areas which have done nothing
but appreciate in the last 20 years. They’re also extremely

antelope population is doing just fine

KJCT News8 in Grand Junction, Colo., is reporting our antelope
population is doing just fine among the oil and gas fields of
the Upper Green River Basin. The 5-year study by the Wildlife
Conservation Society has just wrapped up its second year finding
that pronghorn do not yet appear to be unduly stressed so far by
extensive natural gas development on and around the Pinedale

Michael Vick has shed an ugly light

The indictment of Atlanta Falcons star quarterback Michael
Vick has shed an ugly light on the sport of dog fighting. When
reporting on the story now, media outlets nationwide are sometimes
inclined to include the fact that Wyoming is on the short
list of states with very lenient laws against the distasteful sport.

The Land Report is debuting

A new magazine called The Land Report is debuting this month
with a feature story on Harrison Ford and his ranchette in Jackson.
The magazine claims its mission is to inform, educate and update
existing landowners. The cover teaser includes: “Harrison Ford
actor, pilot, carpenter and property owner, talks about finding the
perfect ranch in Jackson Hole, WY. Owning the land for over 20
years he has worked tirelessly integrating land and structure while
planning to leave an enduring legacy. To Ford, not being indulged
or treated like a star, ‘is a kind of victory.’”

Floyd Landis showed up

Road bike racing phenom
Floyd Landis showed up and
competed in the Leadville 100
Mountain Bike Race last weekend.
The Race Across the Sky,
held in Colorado, was won
again by Dave Wiens, who
crushed the course record.
Wiens said he trained extra
hard when he learned Landis
had signed on to race. Last
year’s Tour de France winner
was right behind Wiens, 42, but
the Mountain Bike Hall of
Fame member and former
World Cup winner from Gunnison, Colo., took advantage of a nasty
spill Landis took 25 miles into the race and cruised to victory.
The women’s division was won by Boulder’s Gretchen Reeves.
Jackson Hole resident Amanda Riley took second. The wrap up
appeared in the Vail Daily.

how ya gonna keep ’em down in La Barge

“The question surely will be, how ya gonna keep ’em down in
La Barge once they’ve tasted New York egg creams?” asked the
New York Daily News, updating the Moondance Diner story. The
famed Manhattan diner, that has appeared as a location for
scenes in “Spider Man,” “Friends” and “Sex and the City” is on
its way by flatbed truck across America to LaBarge, Wyo., after
being purchased by Vincent and Cheryl Pierce for $7,500.

Adam Denton

The Farmington Times in New Mexico ran a touching piece on
Jackson’s loss of the likable 17-year-old Adam Denton. The
Western Zone Championship was held last week in Farmington,
N.M.. and Wyoming swimmers took the 400-meter freestyle relay
with a record time of 3:49:49. The event would have surely
included Denton as a participant had he not been killed in a July
21 auto accident south of Jackson. He was on his way to an early
morning swim meet.
“We’ve got a couple swimmers from his hometown with us who
are really swimming for him,” Wyoming coach Jamie Winkler said.
“He was just a great all-around kid and just a pleasure to be
around at the pool and away from the pool. Everything he did in
his life was always positive.”

Keegan Bradley was leading the 41st Pacific Coast

Jackson’s Keegan Bradley was leading the 41st Pacific Coast
Amateur Championship at San Diego Country Club going into
the 3rd round of play. Then bad stuff happened. Bradley quadruple-
bogey’d the eighth hole and slid to a tie for 15th with one
round left to play. carried the coverage.

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