Anti-war/Cheney protest draws large turnout on Saturday

By on August 27, 2007

tCheney Protest

Jackson Hole, Wyo.-As many as 250 people gathered Saturday afternoon at the corner of Hwy.22 and the Village Road to protest the war in Iraq and to decry Vice President Dick Cheney’s role in thefour-and-a-half-year conflict.

Dick Barker sings his original song "O.I.L."

Organized by Jackson Hole residents Jim Stanford, Walt Farmer and KarenHogan, the event featured speeches by State Rep. Pete Jorgensen(D-Jackson), author Alexandra Fuller, attorney Kent Spence, and veteranwar medic Nick Rowley, along with protest music by Phil Round, DerrikHufsmith, Peter “Chanman” Chandler, Dick Barker and Carolyn Groves.Afterwards, demonstrators marched 1.4 miles down the Village Roadpathway to the gates of the Teton Pines Country Club, where the VicePresident owns a house and is currently vacationing.

“In this day and age it’s very easy to be jaded about politics,” saidStanford in his opening speech. “We don’t feel we can really trust thepeople that we send to Washington, D.C., to do the people’s business.”


He noted one local exception – State Rep. Pete Jorgensen. In hisspeech, Jorgensen told the crowd that, while attending that morning’sdedication of Grand Teton National Park’s new Craig Thomas Discoveryand Visitor Center, where Cheney was the keynote speaker, he heard theVice President used the word “humility.” The name Cheney drew boos fromthe crowd. Jorgensen then said, “I truly believe that they’reconstituents of mine in the state legislature, and I think we need toafford them an opportunity to come back to their home withoutpersonalizing the feelings we may have. They are public servants. Theyhave been elected twice – maybe it was a mistake – I don’t know what itwas, but we get to get over it next year.” he went on, “Pick acandidate – I don’t care what party – that generally agrees with youand vote next November.”


Alexandra Fuller spoke next: “Our leaders have let us down. I thinkthey genuinely thought they were taking care of us by going over thereand scribbling anyone who didn’t look like us. But that’s middle schoolthinking and I don’t want to live in a middle school world for the restof my life … . Creative thinking is to create peace.”
Attorney Kent Spence declared the event an exercise in the fundamentalAmerican rights of association and free speech. “When the leaders ofyour country are out of step with you, when they are no longerrepresenting the people, when they have become tyrannical, when theyhave become tyrants, you have the right to remove them under theConstitution. That’s not radical, that’s American. It’s our duty.”


Finally, Air Force veteran Nick Rowley spoke. Rowley had served as amedic in Bosnia and his brother recently returned from Iraq. “What youare doing here, is supporting our troops. We need more of that,” hesaid. “If we found out that we went over to Iraq based on a lie, thenwhy are we still there? We’re there for money. We’re there for oil.We’re there for Halliburton. We’re there for every single reason thatisn’t American, that isn’t a reason for freedom.”

After the impassioned speeches, the demonstrators took to the pathwayand marched to Teton Pines country club with an effigy of Dick Cheney,which was mounted on top of a wooden box with wheels. The life-sized,papier-mâché statue showed the V.P holding a spouting oil derrick inone arm and a fishing pole in the other. A smaller, horned bust ofGeorge Bush was featured blindfolded at Cheney’s feet. When protestersreached their final destination a rope was slung around Cheney’s headand he was then pulled to the ground – echoing the notorious footage ofIraqis pulling down a statue of Saddam Hussein in 2003 inBaghdad.  For the protesters: mission accomplished.

Video by Ben Cannon
Reader Comments
I rode by this demostration and witnessed maybe 75 to 85 people in attendence,not 250 as you reported. Look at the video see for yourself there was only 75 losers there.
Kevin Loomis

Good grief! A small group of adults acting like 10 year children having hissy fits. What an embarrassment to every resident of Jackson Hole.
Sarah Evans

More kooky hippies go DING A LING A Ding dong!

Great, Americans acting like the radicals over in the middle east…tearing down effigies. All it did was make them look like a fool.
Sean Bismott

Disgusting. The man serves our country in good faith, so don’t take your politics to his home. If you want to protest, do it in DC. Liberals are stooping to new lows these past six years.
Don H.

The press in Jackson Hole would be better off to cover a shuffleboard tournament at a local retirement home. Please – if your going to use Calypso Louies million-man-march head count calculator fine. But then let’s be fair and give us an accurate count of how many local people were not there?

A bunch of mentally retarded neo-jihadist idiots.

Hippies never cease to amaze me. They get old and then their kids become dumb hippies also, and then betray their country, just like their parents. Cheney should have come out of his house and fired some shots in the air to chase those hippies away. The white kid dressed as the Arab running around with the American flag takes the cake though. Maybe he should have burned that, and then yelled “ullllllllllllllllllllllllllllulululululululu!” Then they should have danced around in a hot sweaty circle.

This crowd gives aid and comfort to the enemies of the USA
kitty hogan

deferrment dick and no combat george send our kids to war, but were to scared to serve our country when it was their turns . . . CHICKEN HAWKS!
mark R

I think it is rather odd that the person knocking out the effigy of Dick Cheney is attempting his best Fidel Castro impression. Dick Cheney is a typical good old boy rich white man… a terrible person. But liberals are wacky and annoying on a similar level. Why can’t you all protest without looking like complete idiots? I think it hurts your cause.
Bill Jenkins

They only look silly because there aren’t more of them. Where are all the other lazy azzes in Jackson? You guys should be out there too. Not complaining about a few patriots standing up for our OWN country. While Cheney enjoys his Wal-Mart sized “cabin” in Jackson, thousands of foreign nationals are invading our borders from the south. And he thinks our “Nation’s Interests” are better served by having our sons and daughters killed by IEDs in Iraq? Incredible.

Who takes these people seriously anymore? I mean common, these anti-war peace activists are just a bunch of Losers. I’m not longer amused, but rather embarrassed that we have Americans making us look like utter fools to the rest of the world!

Those of you who are commenting in opposition to this gathering, read the following and see if you recognize it: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” For what is left of it, it is the 1st Amendment. We should celebrate the exercise of it while it lasts. The constitution is nearly a thing of the past due to Bush and Company and the “Patriot Act” and by the time you simpletons discover this truth it will be to late. So go on and drink the republican kool-aid. I used to.
John Robertson

To follow up the previous comment, As of 2000, Teton County had a year-round population of about 18,000. so if by some strange account there were 250 people there the figure represents 1% of the population. Tell me Mr. Petri – were do you come up with the headline “Anti-war/Cheney protest draws large turnout…” And how much do you want to bet that at least half of them were outside antagonists?

To those who dispute the “head count” — I was standing at the entrance to the Bar J and counted 252 protesters passing me on the way to Teton Pines, just blocks away. For more proof, go to’s JH page and see photographs from the rally and march.
Ed- NewWest

rich and white = terrible person ?? Nice.

Oddly enough, most liberals that use the “Bush didn’t go to combat!” or “Cheney never served!” lines obviously forget their hero Clinton didn’t serve either but decided to launch missiles at several countries during his years as President. Also the people who whine about this rarely have served as well. I have. So you peacenik idiots can beat your feet back to your parent’s basement for another hit off your bong.

Mr. Petri, exactly what kind of person are you, describing an act of celebration by a newly freed people “notorious”?

To my dear Fellow Americans, If you believe that protesting and dissent are “unamerican”, read your history. It is what makes us American. It takes real courage to speak out strongly for what you believe in and that is what is best about America. Bash them, bash the constitution it is that simple.
John Robertson

The only people who look like fools are those mindless conservatives who, like good little obedient subservient puppy dogs, still blindly follow Bush and Cheney and still support their ridiculous war. Fortunately those redneck losers are in the minority. I guess it’s easier for conservatives to simply believe whatever they are told to believe without question. No wonder this country is in such a mess. People get the government they deserve when they don’t get out and vote but rather let a few idiots pick the president.
Paula Jo Anderson

To John Robertson: Apparently liberals like you dislike the fact that people would have a view opposed to the fools at this march. It is OUR right to call them out for being the idiots they are. How has the patriot act messed with your real life? Tell us all. Please! I’d like to know how you were thrown into gitmo for jaywalking or some other wild story… Liberal cry patriot act! patriot act! and yet I have failed to ever have one explain how they were done wrong by it. Liberals will cry for the terrorist scum that is currently at Camp X-ray…and I think that is where it lies. Liberals are anti-American and if the government puts their allies in jail, then they’re unhappy.

John, was the “simpleton” part really necessary ? What of those that are opposed to the effigy that happen to be cognitively superior and of greater personal depth than you ? (No, not citing myself, though anything is possible.) A belief or set of beliefs is not a marker for divining who is a “simpleton” and who is not. Which begs the secondary issue, what is so bad about simple anyway ? Youthful ignorance was bliss, I can’t help but envy some of the chronicly happy people; having avoided over-involvement in political minutia and depression simply because they ARE keeping it simple. Less devaluing of people and more fact-based, honest discussion.


Robertson, you miss the point. Nobody that I know of is condemning a person right to free speach and to assemble or to protest. That was more than attested to by Mr. Petri than anyone. My God, he would have had a field day over this event if even one protester was challenged let alone arrested for trespassing. The point of all of this is the way the protests are conducted and the hateful intent expressed towards a leader of this country. Do you not understand this story will be very popular accross the radical muslim world. It will be a headline on al Jazeera. And the last time I checked not too many of those countries had anything that even comes close to the 1st Amendment. I’m all for organized, peaceful protest but, when it is done in a way that encourages the enemies of this country to believe that we are not united in our stand against their cowardly terrorism, it send the wrong message. Sorry you are a person who defines (or defined) himself with a political party, especially in this day and age.

This made up my mind, I certainly don’t want to visit Jackson Hole anytime soon. I had planned a trip up that direction, but not now with idiots like that running around.

“In this day and age it’s very easy to be jaded about politics,” said Stanford in his opening speech. “We don’t feel we can really trust the people that we send to Washington, D.C., to do the people’s business.” I nominate this for the Most Stupid Quote of the 21st Century. “We” (meaning him alone) don’t trust the people “WE” send to DC.” I guess to the Loser Left, elections they don’t agree with don’t count. Message to Liberals: Sit down. Shut up. Let the Adults run the country…

Jaxx, First, ROFLOL you retard! I am far more conservative than you will ever be. It just so happens that I am a strict constructionist of the Constitution. If you do not understand those terms, do some reading. Secondly, the President and Vice President take oaths to protect the constitution and sadly they have violated it in ways that should have them on trial for treason. I voted (to my shame) for Bush 2x but have seen what is really going on. Read up on the North American Union and remember this day when you learned that Bush and the rest are not on your side.
John Robertson

Paula Jo Anderson is the typical leftist. She insults conservatives and makes at least 8 wild, and false, assumptions. No facts… just leftist blather. I’ve been to these anti-war marches and I can assure you, you need not be conservative to know these guys are weird. They smell, they chant incessantly, they are filled with anger, and some are drunk and/or high while they do this (not all). People with real jobs find it difficult to be a part of events like this. Of course, I’m sure for every dozen hard working families you’ll find some leftist freak that is willing to take their children down the same twisted anti-american path they are. And I’m not saying marching in protest is anti-American, but their message of hatred sure is. Knocking down Dick Cheney in effigy? Hell, that’s what muslims do in the middle east. Burn flags? Check! Someone please explain to me how lefties are exactly different than our enemies in the world?
Gary Evans

Dwight: Go ahead and visit Jackson Hole, it’s a great place and the other 99% of the population are downright nice people. Much better than San Fransisco where only 1% of them are nice people and the other 99% are idiots…

So John Robertson, The first amendment only applies to liberal idiots. Conservatives better shut the hell up and not express our views about how you act like morons. We have to just take from you assholes and like it. Free speech is free speech buddy. Not just free liberal speech.

“retard”. Nice substantive rebuttal there.

it is true that halliburton has moved to dubai to avoid paying american taxes which gives cheney’s cronies more money. many people have made a bundle off this war, but the cost in human lives and suffering never seems to get mentioned. do you people see a conflict of interest since halliburton received a no-bid contract? and then moved from here? THE GREED OF CHENEY STANDS OUT. he has no soul
kevin t

Hey, John, since you’re a “strict constructionist” perhaps you could fill the rest of us in on exactly what part of the Constitution the President and Vice President violated? That would be great, awaiting your answer – oh, please include sections, also, so I can look them up and highlight them in my copy…

Hey, kevin t, the Clinton Adminstration gave Halliburton a no-bid contract in Bosnia. Do you see a conflict of interest there? Oh, wait, I forgot: For liberals, history began yesterday…

at least al gore and john kerry served in combat. bush and cheney got out of. kind of odd.
t. j. fisch

Gary Evans: Someone please explain to me how lefties are exactly different than our enemies in the world? There is no difference.

kevin t: at least your argument contains data of some sort. Whether or not I agree with your views and validity of your data, you’ve at least put SOMETHING forth. Which is far more than can be said about those using their time and energy to erect and knock down an effigy of an individual. A demonstration with signs containing relevant information would have been far more effective. Excepting those that would rather incite drama and dischord, that is… For all of the polarity going on right now, there’s hardly anything actually being said, which is sad.


Dick Cheney is a traitor. In my humble opinion these protestors were being very kind. Those of you who still support this administration are like the dumbed down German people during Hitler’s reign of terror. You are supporting enemies of the Constitution (Cheney and Bush) who swore to defend it but yet they dismantle it piece by piece using the fraudulent war on terror as their excuse. You who support this administration are enemies to freedom and liberty. You are willing to sell off your children’s future, their freedom, and yours for the false promise of security. You dishonor all the soldiers who died in defense of our Constitution which guarantees our liberty by allowing the treason to fester further destroying what’s left of our liberties. You are slaves, and you love it. Be ashamed!

disbelief, If the slack jaw fits… I digress… I grow so weary of lemming-like people who will fail to see that if we don’t stop what is going on here, there will be nothing left to fight and die for! I apologize for offending you dis, however, at what point do you cry out in exasperation at people like: Sarah Evans, 2fisted, Sean Bismott, Don H, willly39, Dan and the rest? At some point you must begin to question basic powers of perception and reason.
John Robertson

this man is doing what bill clinton would not touch because he was more interested in building a legacy and besides that he is a coward that rather sniff cocaine with his hollywood budies. shut up and let this man run the country.
l. peralta

Don’t worry, you don’t need to kiss Cheney’s ass so he doesn’t shoot you in the face. Apparently some posters don’t know this.

t. j. fisch: at least al gore and john kerry served in combat. bush and cheney got out of. kind of odd. Kerry and Gore were not president either. Bill Clinton was and he didn’t serve. Speaking of military service, Hillary, Obama, or John Edwards (the front 3 runners, most likely to be chosen to lead the democrat ticket in 08) never served. So does that mean you’ll be voting for someone who has served in the military in 08?
Liberals R Hypocrites

i kind of like it when the other reader labeled bush and cheney chicken hawks. it makes sense, they were too chicken to serve in combat, but have no problem sending our troops into the meat grinder. what is the mission of this war? wasnt it WMD? no that didnt work. wasnt it setting up a democracy in iraq? no that didnt work. just what is our mission?

John: I do understand. I also understand that a different hour of a different day you might not be exasperated and would be willing to work constructively. Same goes for me. I’m just speaking generally in favor of informed debate. Kudos for your honesty. Can I have my youthful ignorance back please.


The vocal minority once again claims “Headlines” inspired and supported by the media. No normal Americans agree with shouting down the President or Vice President. Cindy Sheehan should be sued by the American Legion for profiteering off of the death of her son. The “Osama Democrats” are once again on the wrong side of history and will pay the price for supporting Terrorism in 2008.
James M. Rooney

Robert, Just so you can follow along: Due to limit space and attention span, see if the following applies to things like: warrant-less wiretapping, gathering of phone records, financial records, authority of NSA agents to enter your home at anytime with no warrant, gathering of your medical records by the NSA and on and on and on. Amendment IV The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. Number 4 pal there are more however…
John Robertson


Funny how the left is now highjacking the name “patriot,” as if they are the ones who would protect America. I find it equally strange that these ‘peaceniks’ only protest where they are safe, never protesting against Jihadists anywhere in the world. Ya’ll want Gitmo closed down? Fair enough, as soon as you sign up how many internees you desire to house. You cry about Bush “avoiding combat,” even though he volunteered for Viet Nam duty within the TANG. He didn’t qualify due to lack of points for the program and the war was winding down at the time. yet, you support those that never served, either. Obama, Hillary, Edwards, didn’t even serve in peacetime. Chris Dodd did, from 1969 to 1975, in the *gasp* Reserves. They cry retreat, yet all have come out saying Troops will remain. They claim Bush is dummy, low I.Q., ignorant cowboy who can’t do anything right, except mislead each and every one of the much smarter Democrats, they claim. Yet, they also claimed intelligence they were fed was vetted through their own reliable sources. You cry about Cheney’s legal draft deferments, but ignore the 4 deferements of Kerry. You claim what he hero he was, but not one man in the unit I served in Viet Nam with would have accepted the Purple Hearts he asked for. And now, you cheer and make spectacles of yourselves over pulling down a make shift effigy. Yes, I know you feel you are equating him to Saddam, that is what is most remarkable. If you could only see yourselves as normal people see you, you’d be too embarrassed to go back out in public. You just may get what you advocate, one day. But like those that fell for the Bolsheviks cries, they didn’t really want it afterwards, but it was too late. Enjoy your rights and liberties, the ones you protest against are the ones that keep them for you, not the ones you protest for.
Lew Waters

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George W Bush

that’s true, the rich have too much money to waste their time serving. who wants to defend our country when they have so much going on

Yep, fighting in combat is what the middle class and poor do. George Bush was boozing it up and chasing women in alabama during vietnam. pathetic
m t

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Exurban Jon

mitch romney supports bush’s war, but none of his 5 sons are serving in the military. what does that say?

I agree, let’s get out of Iraq now. Then we can nuke the whole middle east into a parking lot and just be done with it once and for all. I am fed up with the whole thing from Algeria to Pakistan.

So many of you speak in convenient political sound bites and label entire groups of people with a single condescending ‘phrase’. Has it ever occurred to you that this entire political mess called the ‘USA’ could change dramatically if we started our conversations from a place where all involved agreed?
too logic

Who cares?

These reprehensible BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) sufferers keep blathering on about how the Bush administration does not represent the “American people.” We the American people will decide who our leaders will be. We will elect or turn out of office those we feel are representing, or not representing, us. Who ever determined that these sometimes violent, maggot infested, crusty old 60s dinosaurs ought to assume the mantle of representing the American people? I have a son in Iraq who is a medic who patrols real streets of Iraq at night. I also have a Marine son who just got back. I want my sons home safely but I want them home victorious. Do not presume to speak for them in spouting such idiocy as “I support the troops but I don’t support the mission.” Morons like this “supposed” warrior of the Bosnian war, a war that was slightly more dangerous than the “less filling – tastes great” conflict, does our fighting men no favors. Rather than say that we entered the war based on lies, I would counter that he and his sychophant protesters protest based on lies.
Chicago Al

Furthermore, and I hate to say this, but I, like the founders of this land, fear Government more than enemies from without. Why do you think you have the 2nd Amendment? It is because the founders feared the tyranny of future leaders of America. For you to feel otherwise is ignorance that will cost you some day. Do some research and read some history. Be thinking American not a blind following American. I used to be a drum beating, supporter of Bush. I am telling you all I was foolish then.
John Robertson

nobody here seems to mention or care about the deaths that have occurred because of this war. i guess that’s not important. but halliburton stock is up, that’s important
hallie burton

when you meet your maker, this is what you should tell him: 1. God i supported the chaos of war, the killings and death. 2. God i stood buy the oil company profits. 3. God, i wholeheartdly agreed with cheneys torture of enemy prisoners. 4. God, i totally supported tax cuts for the rich even though jesus said it would be easier to get a camel through an eye of a needle, than it would be for a rich man to make it to heaven
buck in richmond

Since Socialist Communist Hate America Liberals don’t live in Wyoming, I bet Billary, Bill,and the DNC Bused in, or was it by “Worthless Amtrak” from Chicago to Wyoming to protest???? Oh And I suppose real Patriotic Americans picked up the tab. You nut cases MOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to CUBA or maybe CANADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. And Take Bill, Billary and there Liberal Newsmedia with you.

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John Robertson

Did one of those kooks actually claim that we invaded iraq because they look different from us??? WOW! We’re truly experiencing the death of reason in this country.

World War 3 is Iran-Contra 2 War profiteers leveraged poppies instead of coca to circumvent Congress and sell their weapons and services to all sides while we experience a flood of cheap heroin and jail our children and grandparents for self medicating with pot instead of “legal” poisons. Go figure. Perhaps when enough of US sue for damages, those at Faux News and Drudge will stop shouting fire in this crowded theater.
Ask Negroponte

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John Robertson

Buck, When we meet our maker some of us will say, God, we fought against those that slaughter others for power and gain. We fought against those that misused your name and ridiculed you. We stood against the forces of darkeness when our fellow man emboldened them and called us murderers for doing so. We gave up our freedom for a time so those that spewed hate against us could remain free. Please forgive us, God, for what we had to do, but your promise of freedom was important us, so important that we sacrificed of ourselves and have been hated by our fellow man for it ever since.
Lew Waters

Dick Cheney is evil…
Hugh Jainis

Lew Waters, I will quote someone who from his words would oppose you. He would think you are wrong when you say, “We gave up our freedom for a time so those that spewed hate against us could remain free.” He had the following to say, “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” This is most often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, you may have heard of him.
John Robertson

Good God Man- Are you all STILL asleep out there?!!Those who have made derogatory comments here about these folks have only embarassed themselves by broadcasting their obvious lack of knowledge of our current state of national & world affairs. I have not read one single word here in defense of the current administration’s policies…instead you quickly resort to name calling of those who care enough to speak out against it. If you aren’t outraged, you aren’t paying attention. Why don’t you tell us what your position is? I know it might be tough, what with all those flashing bright graphics, but turn off the brainwashing FOX Noise Network,& try using your brain to make educated decisions for yourself. Seriously folks, wake up.

Sorry to disillusion you folks, but there were no “warrantless wiretaps.” Read your own article: “The program is carefully administered and targets only international phone calls coming into or out of the United States where one of the parties on the call is a suspected al Qaeda or affiliated terrorist.” Yet lefties call it “domestic” spying. OK, yeah. John Robertson: Right wing extremists are just as inane and pedantic as left wing extremists.

“those who would exchange liberty for security deserve neither” benjamin franklin

This happened in Jackson Hole? Oh my, how embarrassing for you. I guess the Mangy Moose was closed?
Nelson Phillips

damn hippies

Robert, you truly frighten me. I spelled out explicitly several areas which are blatantly obvious and still you won’t see. Well that is fine but what is the most frightening thing is that you have a new label for me, “Right wing extremist”. Well lucky for you, the government you trust will be able to find me quite easily and silence me for speaking out. Pray to God you never find yourself opposed to what will happen. I hope I am wrong, it would please me greatly to discover that the government really does care and is protecting me.
John Robertson

Ken P and paula Jo are a pair of idiots
Iron Mike

Go protestors !!!!! Bush and Cheny, both have mental defects!!!!!!

My one and only question for any of these “people” is this: “How do win the war against radical Islam without going to war?”. The stunned silence or torrential flood of nonsensical ignorance would be breathtaking.

About time the good ‘ol people of the United States of America stood up and protested this radical criminal. And for all the radical right-wing nuts posting below, do some research: stop letting corporations fill your head with nonsense!!

Seemed like 40 to 50 asswipes nothing close to the 250 stated in this less than truthful article.

John Robertson, excuse me, but I have lost no essential liberty, have you? ince you like quotes, I’ll share one with you, “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.” John Stuart Mill (1806 – 1873) And another, “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” — Mark Twain And finally, “I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” James Madison And, who keeps chipping away at our liberties, “for the good of the people?”
Lew Waters

I was there and the crowd was wa over 250. I counted 500

Cheney is a war criminal
Cheney Daughter

Kevin, *sigh* you say “How do win the war against radical Islam without going to war?” Fine, we went to war, we smashed the guy Bush said was responsible and now what? What we are doing is not the way to win a war. If we wish to win, why do we not do what every conquering army has done in history and wipe out our enemy ? Maybe it is because someone does not want this to end… Follow the money Kevin and you will discover what is going on. Or, do like many of these others will and polish up your “Jack Boots” and learn the “Goose Step” and fall right in line like a sheep.
John Robertson

Mark quotes Ben Franklin “those who would exchange liberty for security deserve neither”. Um…Ben Franklin lived in a time of horse drawn carriages, muskets and sailing ships. There’s no way he could have envisioned nuclear missiles, cyber-terrorism, radical Islamics showing beheadings to a worldwide audience, world war, nuclear weapons enpowered lunactic leaders, dirty bombs, etc. Its just a stupid comparison.

Kevin please re-read your nonsensical ignorant question and ask yourself if you really dispute these are people. Breathtaking, indeed.
How do what?

More slop left tover from the “60”s.

Lew Waters, wow! That one from James Madison is a great one! Did you read it?! He totally makes my point! It is the, “gradual and silent” that I am speaking about. You obviously don’t even notice. The fact that what I am typing right now will be kept by the NSA should scare you. The fact that they can read all my e-mail, hack into my computer, forcibly enter my home with no probable cause, freeze my bank account for no reason after tracking every one of my purchases and deposits should give you pause, but alas… All of this has happened on Bush’s watch.
John Robertson

Ok who told the people at the crazy house to let out the idiots!!

Kevin, ok you win. I suppose I am the fool. As the saying goes, “You can’t teach a pig how to sing, you waste your time and annoy the pig.” Now perhaps disbelief will understand why I was using the pejorative names that I was to begin with…
John Robertson

I was there and counted over 5 billion.

Pop quiz, Kevin: Who was Sidi Mehemet Ibrahim?

You miss the bigger issue here John. Islamic terrorism is much bigger than one person like Saddam or Bin Laden. It’s an ideology that is so radical that even moderate, anti-terrorist Muslims will not speak against it for fear of retaliation. Follow the money? How does one equate the killing of innocents to monetary terms? The war on Islamic terrorism could take decades to win or we may never win. But it MUST be fought. Our very existence is in jeopardy. Surrendering and retreating back within our borders will not slow its progression let alone stop it. I agree, we must wipe out the enemy completely but it’s not possible given their non-allegiance to a country or one leader element, that they hide among the public, are loosely based cells operating in secret and recruitment and propaganda is done on a worldwide scale on the internet. It’s a totally new kind of war. One that can’t simply be solved with an H-Bomb. I wish it was but it isn’t. Some will profit from war I agree, but that’s been true since the dawn of man. Profit by power or money. Its nothing the Bush administration invented. In any event, you didn’t answer my question. “How do you win the war against radical Islam without going to war?” Its a simple question with a simple answer. “You can’t”.

I’m all for freedom of speech, but not when that speech is directed against a politician I support. Also, people shouldn’t be allowed to dissent when the country’s at war. We have an obligation to our troops to never question why they’re dying.

Sidi Mehemet Ibrahim was the same person as Alice Addertongue. I know my history Historicus. What does white Chrisitian slavery have to do with any of this. This is about anti-all-war protestors pulling down a very bad depiction of Cheney in near him home believing that no war is the answer, Cheney is a liar and its all about oil.

Kevin, you’ve painted yourself into a corner. You admit radical ideology depends on fear of retaliation AND that bombing fails to resolve the issue. So how do you justify going to war instead of fighting false propaganda with demonstrably honest communication? The current regime has aided and comforted the enemy by supplying them with weapons and tactics that are being used against our own soldiers. Got treason?

So many people are just “anti-war” and it strikes me as simplistic. What of WWII? We stayed out of that one long enough to allow millions to be slaughtered. What about the Civil War? Should that one never have been fought? What would the country look like now if it that war had been all together skipped? Wars have their time and their place and I will not claim to be able to judge the correctness of this one.
Mom, daughter, sister, wife

We are at war with insurgents who have come to Iraq to prevent that country from becoming a Democracy. We did find WMA there during the first phase of the war, and we completed that mission, including taking Saddam. However, the next phase wasn’t planned well and started out on the wrong foot. Now we have more troops there to do what needs to be done to win the war and the Surge IS working. The Liberals have said that a victory in Iraq will cause them real trouble… Just why is that unless you are the enemy? VP Cheney is disgraced by a bunch of juvenile acting morons that want Socialism to take root and succeed because they think it’s still the Summer Of Love in 67. Bad News folks, that summer was a bust and proved why the Hippie Movement was doomed from the start…. There is no Free Lunch. Hell, when I was young I wore the beads and had long hair and danced in the streets, but when it came time to enter the real world, my hair was cut, the beads went away and I had to make a living or end up in the streets I was just dancing in. If Cheney is such a horrible Tyrant, why do these morons have the freedom to protest? Let’s see you do this in Venezuala with Chavez and Penn watching. You’ll find out what a real tyrant is like then.

A great thank you from me to the protestors! I am the father of two U.S. Army Iraq war veterans. One of my boys was wounded in the Triangle of Death Zone by an IED. Due to his injuries he is permantely disabled and has had his benefits cut twice. He has also lost eleven friends all killed in action in the same war. My other son is on his fourth deployment. He is once again in Iraq. He found out his latest deployment would be extended by three months through the news media. It seems the Army did not have the courteousy to tell my boy and his fellow troops this before it hit the news. He has lost many friends in this war too. Believe it or not but it is true he had one of his soldiers get shot by guarding Chenney’s old pals of Haliburton as the did their trek in Iraq. Does Chenney’s kids or GWB’s twins serve in Iraq? Do their kids belong to the Army and are deployed over and over again? Nope! If they our troops would have been ordered home a long time ago! Thak you protestors! Thanks for standing up to the delusional insane policies of a President and Vice President whom long ago went over the edge of craziness deep into looneyland!

Kevin, you based your argument on the claim that Ben Franklin could not have predicted certain things about war and radical Islam, yet Franklin used satire and pseudonyms to combat ideological profiteers and in fact did predict such things as aerial bombing. You dismiss as stupid comparison the freedoms that we exercise at our expense and peril. And thank you woodnickle, you and yours have paid more than we can possibly repay.

There is a reason people say “Don’t take any Wooden Nickles”………… woodnickle, I smell the BS and it appears to be pretty deep….. 4 Deployments? LOL Like that’s believable. Someone needs to quit drinking the Kool-Aid…
NeoCon Superhero


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What’s a Chicken Hawnk?

NeoCon Superhero, Yours is a typical attitude of the neo cons. Yes my youngest son was wounded. Yes everything I did say about him and what happened to him is true. Yes what I said about my other son is true also. I expected an answer such as yours because this is the typical pattern of behaviour of neo cons such as yourself. It is a very difficult experience indeed having almost lost a son to this war. I thank God, and maybe this is selfish, I did not lose him. Nearly 4000 parents did. In the face of this you post such a cold, mocking, and ignorant reponse. If you give me your email address I will send you links to the news articles concerning my son’s experience and a pic of him in the same news article recieving the purple heart award. Why are so many people determined to vote against the Republicans in 2008? Your reply is but one example of the coldness and out-of-touch with Americans attitudes that is driving many voters away from the Republican party. by the way, you do serve as a goop rep for GWB. He has the same attitude you do.

Paula Jo… I bet you’re ‘hot’! 🙂

A chicken Hawk is a nic for a bird of prey. In this case, if I am not mistaken, the noun in question is meant to lampoon the war hawks. I believe it is a good one too. Many of the elected neo cons are chickens. They state, “Stay the course”, “don’t pull out and run”, and my favorite idiot line, “We are fighting them there to keep from fighting them here” in the face of a joke border policy with Mexico! The neo cons say all the above but yet most of them state, “No, none of my children and grand children are in Iraq.” LOL!!! It is so sad and pathetic it is quite lauagable! 2008 election day is going to said in the words of the late great Jackie Gleason: “O how sweet it is!!”

Kevin: Why does the US invade a country (ANY country) if the enemy is a loosely-organized, stateless, almost leaderless organization? Ok, Afghanistan I get, even though other options could have been pursued, and the Taliban had it coming before 9.11. Not that you would have known that by the way Bush II and Clinton both sucked up to the Taliban leadership, but that’s another debate. How do you justify the invasion of Iraq? There is no justification that holds water. It holds oil pretty well, but, again, another debate. We removed a dictator we had intermittently supported and have left a power vacuum that will most likely be filled by just the sort of people we do not want. We have turned Iraq into a battle front on the grounds that we do not want the US to be the battle front. How do you suppose Iraqi’s feel about the US now, let alone after we left them twisting in 91 and 93? And why not keep Afghanistan as the only front? Much easier to fight a one-front war rather than a two-front war. Or a no front war. Or is Iran the actual target in all this? And will we be offered even stupider rationalizations for invading there?

To the Left Wing Socialist Internet Troll John Robertson, Lew Waters is right.

“The greed of Cheney stands out”? This man cut all ties to Haliburton where he was EARNING a fortune to serve the nation as Vice President. The new job has been a massive pay cut for him. Quite unlike the Clintonistas, who have used public office as their personal cash cow. The duality and Orwellian double -speak of the Left never ceases to amaze. God help us all.
Neo-Con Louie

I pray every evening that Wyoming is the next target for the terrorists.Couldnt happen to a nicer bunch of backwoods republicans and their families.By the way,none of us will donate a penny to your recovery should that happen.Nazis.

Most of the elected Democrats are “chicken hawks”, too. Doesn’t the entire field of Dems support the war in Afghanistan? Have they served or sent their children there? If not, they are chicken hawks.

The delicious irony of Freedom of Speech is that people are free to complain that they are being censored… Mom, daughter, sister, wife: The Democrats were just as traitorous during WW2 and the Civil War as they are now. They wanted Lincoln to give up, investigated his Generals, and did everything they could to stop him, google “Copperhead Democrats.” The Democrats did everything they could to stay out of WW2 and delayed US entry into the war by months, if not years. They absolutely hated Truman for forcing unconditional surrender on Japan instead of negotiating for peace. Goebels would be proud and Orwell would be appalled at how Democrats propogandize the truth on a daily basis… With the help of the Leftstream Media.

doodle, but at least, to repair their shameful character, the Dems now admit, they were wrong. And now they are trying their best to bring our troops home. GWB is delusional and I seriously think he shows evidence of being mentally ill. For example, The intial intelligence reports for WMBs was rejected and GWB and his croonies kept cooking the facts and seeking out the “yes” men, and then when they heard what they wanted to hear they claim the “intelligence” proved WMBs were in and being sought by the Iraqi government. Remember the bogus report GWB read from concerning enriched nuclear materials from an african nation in metal tubes? After it was proven GWB’s source he quoted in his infamous pre Iraq war State of the Union address GWB continued to speak the lies and walk down the delusional path to war. This example is but one among many bafoonic actions. The Dems, along with many americans, swallowed the lies of this administration hook, line, and sinker. But at least the Dems are trying to correct the errors they made. A recent poll stated that most voting americans are not satisfied with Congress but yet the majority of these same voters are happy the Dems won. 2008 e4lection day is going to make the losses of the Republicans in 2006 look like a party of victory. The Republicans are headed for a major defeat in both houses and in the white house too. In the end the Dems and the losing Republican candidates will have GWB to thank. He is doing more harm to his own party than its political opponents could ever hope of inflicting.

woodennickle, don’t assume just because someone claims to be a Republican that they are one. Who is it that say the “support the troops” while denigrating them? Being a liberal is easy: You don’t need a conscience, common sense, nor a belief in anything but yourself. Tell your sons that there are those out here that thank them for their service, and they ain’t on the left…

WMBs? What are those? Weapons of Mass Boredom? That would be the Democratic Presidential Debaters.. You might want to google BDS. Bush Derangement Syndrome. There is treatment available.

Here’s an appropriate headline for this story – “A-Holes Protest In Jackson Hole”
Mike C.

Robert, I am very proud of my sons. They are noble. They are brave. they serve with honor just as the rest of our great american troops. I hear from the troops myself. I hear these same concerns I posted on this forum from them. I am a democrat. but I am not a left wing ultra liberal fruitcake either. Please do not be guilty of the tactics used by the far right and the far right. Instead of owning up to the facts they smear and attack personally their opponents. They do not use any evidence to support their views but merely go on a character assisination spree. There is evidence, and plenty of it, from GWBs speeches, his sources, pulitzer prize winning journalists and reporters, Bush’s own former supporters, and many other facts that prove he willfully and purposely lied to America to drag us into his war with Iraq. Even retired high ranking generals who were under GWB during this war have stated Bush will not listen to his own military commanders until they say what he wants to hear. After they say what he wants to hear GWB proceeds to state this is his military’s poistion. Talking about deception!

I can’t believe liberal Americans would do the effigy thing, like so many America haters in the Middle East and other places. What a sorry joke.


The reason I hate liberals is they’re so damned silly. ‘Nuff said.

I was there, it was 25,000,000 people, it was Woodstock all over again. Hey Dude, it was great. Hey woodie, bet you sons are some of the toads my son gripes about having to command.
M algore

Woodie, on second thought, your sons probably aren’t toads, with you as a parent, they probably can’t help it. I think you probably own them some big apologies for you past and future actions. Think Man, Think. Be a military parent and not a Sheehan (cant remember what they call Casey’s mom in Iraq).
m algore

“deferrment dick and no combat george send our kids to war, but were to scared to serve our country when it was their turns . . . CHICKEN HAWKS! mark R” Hey what do you call Clinton and his buddy Al Glorical? Clinton was smoking dope and going to the Soviet Union, Gore was taking pictures with his body guard. Give me a break, I am in the military right now, what about you?
S. Baker

Robert uses the old worn out liberal line the”Rich people dont send their kids to war, so liberal kids have to go” Really, is that why 73% voted republican because they were liberal. Last time I checked it was an all volunteer military, despite Chuck Schumers best attempt to re instate the draft Yes Robert he is a liberal. My granpa, dad, and uncle served in the Army, I served in the Air Force, my son has decided not to serve, but that is his choice, i dont look down on anyone for not serving, just those that protest those that are serving

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There was not 250 people at the protest. There was only 51 people. It’s just that Micheal Moore LOOKS like 200 normal-sized humans!

This people should support Dennis Kucinich in 2008. He introduced HR 333 to impeach Dick Cheney! Dennis Kucinich in 2008!!!!!

My husband and I are increasingly nervous about remaining here in the “homeland” (which is an interesting choice of words–last used liberally to rally the Nazis aroudn Hitler) and have been looking at Canada or maybe Alaska….my usband had mentioned Wyoming or Montana and I refused, based on the heavy redness of thes states. Watching this video, I guess there are at least a few sane people there, so I’m thinking now perhaps we coud take a look at some property there…..

to the left wing kooks out there like john robertson (yes left wing, john, you liar) : We real Americans aren’t in opposition to this “gathering”. But according to the Constitution that you love to quote, we have the right and obligation to point out the foolishness of these ignorant “protesters” and the harm that these disloyal Americans do by aiding our enemies. Mr. Cheney is an intelligent and patriotic American who loves his country and its people. And don’t forget the liberal news media that works so hard to be the propaganda arm of the left!
ricardo maxwell

am shocked at all the people who hate liberals and love this war, but i notice they are not serving in it. I think we should have a national draft and everyone should serve including Mitt Romneys’ five sons and Bush’s twins and then have a debate about whether we belong there.
helen gambon

It is sad that these liberals are filled with so much hate that they must pull down and attack an effigy of people. Many of them seem unable to intelligently question the President’s actions and instead attack him personally and end up granting less respect to the President (which I believe is then reflected in other countries). Yes, President Bush has made a number of mistakes in foreign relations, decisions in Iraq, and domestic decisions and agendas. He is human and will make mistakes. I wish President Bush were not so stubbornly optimistic on some of his expectations, for instance. WW3 was the cold war. WW4 is the Islamic Fundamentalists attempting to spread their religion and influence.

How do you send your kids to war liberal idiots?
Proud conservative

So Bush and Cheney are stealing our rights, hmmm ALgore won’t if he gets his global warming initiatives?

Well it’s good to see the unwashed masses still haven’t figured out how to use soap with water.. Umm Helen I pay about 70% in taxes that help pay for this war and help pay for the 40 year disaster called THE WAR ON POVERTY… ummm tell me we are going to end that war please.
Rush is right

Woodnickel-I am truly sorry for your son’s injuries and pray for the safe return of your other son. I myself have a son who is serving there – he volunteered because he felt it his duty. Nobody decided this for him-he decided. Your sons are both volunteers also – although they may or may not have volunteered for Iraq. Did you not prepare yourself for all the possible outcomes of a military career when they signed their names on the dotted lines? Young men and women chose to serve their country for different reasons – many for the career opportunities and for a paycheck. Is this different than those who work in the mines, mills, and fishing trawlers off Alaska. Dangerous jobs – all of them. Do we shut the mines and quit eating fish becaue people get killed or injured and big multinational companies make profits during the process? I’m sure liberals and conservatives eat fish, drive cars, and read by electricity generated by coal (except the whack-jobs that eat leaves and use only “green energy”). Were you angry when they bombed and then plunged two airliners into the World Trade Center. If you were, are you still angry or has time made dulled the pain? Do you actually think that if rules were not tightened that some other tragedy of even greater magnitude would not have happened here since 9/11. The day my son graduated from the US Air Force Academy he shook Mr. Cheney’s hand. He’s proud, I am proud and I suspect most of the other parents and friends who filled Falcon Stadium that day are proud to be Americans. It doesn’t matter to me that there were protesters in Jackson Hole, and I’m sure it doesn’t bother Mr. Cheney either as we both know that it is the right of every American to protest perceived wrongs, no matter how foolsh they look doing it. Sort of reminds me of a bunch of crows-they’ll squawk and yammer until they get the attention they want and then fly to another location and see if they can cause a commotion there. But nobody really cares because they know that all it is – is a bunch of crows incapable of causing any real harm – just a bunch of noise.
Proud Parent

Take a bath hippies! Some of you posters are ridiculous. Your comments border on what can only be seen as trivial. Liberals are idiots, period. You moan and whine about the government until it’s your time to stand and line with your hand out. This, “It takes a Village” attitude cripples America. Think for yourself, read Atlas Shrugged-be an individual! Dummies!

It still amazes me how we continue to shoot the messengers on both sides. A parent concerned about safety of their deployed children initially has their integrity questioned. When the 4th deployment statement is shown to be true, the integrity and quality of the service members is then questioned. “They must be horrible soldiers.” The liberal kind that serve under my patriotic son that he must care for. So, four deployments to Iraq really doesn’t mean much if you are a Democrat. Proud conservative – you would be surprised to know how many Dems there are in the military (at least in the enlisted ranks). My family, all pro-union dems from NE Ohio, have served since ’41 on. Some were drafted, some were volunteers. Some volunteered for a particular service to avoid being drafted by another service. I volunteered and served 13 years. The issue now appears to be that we didn’t learn from our mistakes in Vietnam and those that did were quickly quieted. The Powell doctrine, overwhelming force with clear cut objectives, was simply abandoned. Our goals in Iraq have changed from “getting rid of Saddam and his WMD” to “setting up a free Iraq capable of defending itself and serving as an ally in the war on terror”.
Liberal vet

Take a look at these comments. Obvious work of spin doctors to dupe Americans and deflect from the message these protestors made. The man has ruined this country for our children over money and somehow this should be construed as OK. In a time of fear, when protests are Americans only outlet, and at the risk of being called enemy combatants, then protests are the honorable act.
Frustated American

Lberal Vet, My youngest son is a graduate of West Point. He also is a Ranger in the U.S. Army. He is no longer serving activily in the Army due to his injuries from the IED. Notice the personal attacks upon myself by some of these posters. This is the typical behavior of neo cons. They believe God is a Republican and those that oppose their party’s philosophies are anti-god and must have 666 written on the scalp of their heads. Most do not have kids or spouses in this war either. I believe the core of their anger is they know that many Republicans are going to loose their reelection bids for their seats in the House and Senate. They know too that a Republican does not stand an ice cubes chance in Hell and the thought of this eats away at them and they just can’t stand it. It must drive them over the edge down into a rabid frenzy to see the damage inflicted upon theirt party by their star GWB. It also eats away at them that they know I am right. They can attack and blast away but in the end the lose and the dems win.

As a military officer with two tours in the Gulf, I witnessed from the ground floor the willful ignorance that went into Iraq “planning”. There were plans (PDD-56, and State’s FOI) that were simply ignored because they didn’t conform and support the administration pre-concieved outcome. (Ahmet Chalabi deserves an Oscar, or is there an award for the best con man of the century?). Who pays? The families and friends of 3600 lost young American and 15,000 veterans damaged for life. Who pays for a $7 BILLION dollar contract to Haliburton that was awarded on a non-competetive basis that violated federal contract regulations? The American taxpayer. I watched in utter disgust as this administration ran (dis)Information Operations against the American people (looking at some of the above comments, they unfortunately succeeded in some cases.) This administration has subverted a competant Intelligence community and sought to base their polices on “special intelligence” which support their agenda (So how is Georgetown life Mr Feith?) I have been a life-long Republican and served my country for 28 years, but the behavior of this administration, and its policies, both domestic and international, have been criminal. Does this small band of “wacky hippy” protestors deserve ridicule? In 2002-2003 the press rolled over and abandoned their responsibilites of governmental oversight, Congress rolled over in 2003 and again in 2006, so that only leaves the voices of the long silent American majority to exercise their First Ammendment rights……we still have that one don’t we?
Disgusted Vet

From the number of pro Bush/Cheney remarks here, it would seem the recruiters will be simply overwhelmed by all of these people that will, of course, be sending themselves and their kids to sign up for service in Iraq today. Hey, you’ll all get a $40,000 bonus, you can be over forty years old, and you don’t even have to be a high school graduate. Your service will be appreciated. Oh yes, be sure to purchase your own body armor before you leave after a couple of weeks training.

What a silly little stunt. I hate to say it, but I’m ashamed of my own party, lately. Is there any chance this was a republican stunt to make us all look bad? That’s what I choose to believe.

Granted the protesters were pretty immature. But was it any worse than Bob Ney wasting time in Congress by renaming French Fries in the House cafeterias? Or any more mature than dumping wine down the sewer outside the French embassy? BTW Ney is in prison – so if you don’t want to count his legislative record…you can discard.
liberal vet

I guess I’m just another spin doctor disgusted with fools who don’t recognize evil where it exists. These spoiled idiots should be sent to live in Iran, Cuba, Pakistan, etc. to get a dose of reality. When they return they will kiss the soil of this One Nation Under God and maybe find the guts to defend it.

OK, let’s reveiw- First- this quote from the article: “…the war was based on a lie, so why are we still there…” This most basic tennant to the war protests is so basically flawed, it laughable. I’m amazed they can find their mouth to feed themselves. Maybe some government agency is doing this- who knows? These pitiful idiots absolutely reject the possibility that Sadam Hussein might have actually MOVED WMDs prior to all that searching. They willingly accept the concept that if a search is made for a particular thing in a particular place, and it is not found- the thing searched for did not exist… (car keys in a pocket, clean shirt in a closet, mom in the kitchen, milk in the fridge, WMDs in Iraq….) It would be wonderful to travel to the white house, to see Bill Clinton. One would assume that one would be told that he was not there. The diabolically evil but inexplicably stupid liar George W. Bush resides there now. By current standards of prevailing logic, one could conclude that Bill never was there. Even if highly trained, internationally recognized specialists in “finding Bill” were hired to search- he still would not be found. This would be a huge relief indeed, because if he had never been there, he would therefore not exist and could not have been a vital influence in pulling UN peace keepers out of Rwanda in 1993. If this had not happened, 800,000 human beings would not have been hacked to pieces by machete wielding tribesmen. But if THIS had not happened, Bill would not have gone to Rwanda to attempt to lie his way through an apology. Imagine Nancy Pollocy admiting that her choice for president was responsible for 4 times as many deaths as W’s most irrational critics claim he is responsible for today- can you imagine this? Of course it would be unfair not to acknowledge that Sadam plainly stated that he never had WMDs. MANY have no problem accepting his word for this- (in-spite of hundreds of thousands of dead Kurds, and eye witness accounts of this genocide etc.) Again- THIS- (NO WMDs) is their reason for opposing this war- and they vote…..America is done. There is no rational reason to believe that this country can survive, much less prevail.

In the age of enlightenment, how did these dullards miss out?

50 people making a spectacle of themselves qualifies as news…..Ho hum.
Big T

Typical Bush derangement syndrome. These 60’s throwbacks should be rounded up, sent over to Afghanistan to worship at the feet of these animals that we are protecting them from. After their innocent civilians behead them, then we will be rid of their dangerous divisiveness. This has gone on too long. The first amendment was not planned to protect these idiots. Their ignorance cannot be allowed to put us in danger. Enough is enough. Either shut the hell up or get the hell out of here before we get you out of here!

God help the meat heads who blame Bush for everything. Their minds are so intractably set on left they can’t even be reasoned with. Indeed, common sense isn’t common and with today’s tin-foil hat variety democrat, every cognitive function has been reduced to a reflexive “blame Bush” response. Brainwashed, they are.

Losers, huh? Instead of sitting on their fat behinds wondering how their grandchildren will survive, these people are doing something. They are standing up against a liar and a cheat. But all you naysayers would rather call them names and disrespect them for actually acting like free people, instead of mind controlled sheep. Yeah, anyone of you that thinks that they are ‘losers’ or are ’embolding the enemy’ needs to wake up and realize they have been duped by Bush and Cheney. Maybe you think you are being a true American by your actions and words, but in my opinion, your lack of ‘real’ action emboldens the terrorists. Only thing different about us, I know that you are fools who re-elected the world’s greatest terrorist oil barons because you are too easily swayed by mainstream media and nazi-like propaganda against our ‘enemies’. When the true threat to freedom is people like yourself who give up their rights in order to feel safe. Only thing is, I have been to Wyoming, sure didn’t see many Muslims there. Only racists and fools it seems…

Hey, I just checked out the pictures on the JH page that you claim support the 250 number. Take another hit. I looks like 75 to me.

Pheer the evil Cheney! We’re only in Iraq for oil! Wait, why isn’t it $0.20 a gallon if thats true? If ignorance is bliss, then this article reveals a bunch of very happy liberals.

Charles, I agree with your statement that the logic of the protesters is flawed. Pulling out because our reason for going in is not a sound argument. But there are logical arguments that can be made for pulling out based on the present situation. 1. Propping up a pro-Iranian (Shia) government is not a good idea. 2. If we pull out and let the Shia run the country – they will promptly drive AQ out of the country. 3. We completed our mission – removed Saddam, prevented WMD from falling into the hands of AQ. We established a democracy – now it is up to the Iraqis to do something with it. 4. The argument that our presence is actually making the situation worse. I know conservatives are completely convinced that the MSM distorts the news from Iraq, but if you read any of the quarterly DoD reports submitted on the status of the infrastructure – the majority of the country is in serious trouble. No fresh water – no electricity…etc. Check it out on For all the conservative historians out there – please remember that the republicans forced Clinton’s hand on pulling out of Somalia. John McCain actually sponsored legislation to cut and run immediately after the Black Hawk Down…eventually they compromised and set a 1 year deadline on funds.
Liberal vet

Chuck-you call 9-11 being duped? DUH
Proud conservative

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Planetjh Webmaster

Bush and Cheney violated the Constitution? Do you leftist dolts know anything about the Constitution? Or do you just go through life repeating cliches like a parrot? Why does the left display such crass ignorance for all to see?
Leftists Lie

250 protestors? I see about 25 protestors and 225 reporters and cameramen in the video.
Charles W Richardson

Bush and Cheney are nothing less than War Criminals and should be impeached, then tried by the World Court for their crimes!!!
Joe Progressive

Support Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s bill HR 333 to impeach the president of vice. So far we have 17 co-sponsors. Demand your Congressman sign on. Impeach Cheney before he starts WWIII. Learn more at
John Mitchell

Where did your reporters go to school – CBS News or the New York Times? One lesson in advocacy journalism they missed -when you inflate numbers (250!) to create a story that fits your desired spin, then don’t show the video of about 50! Even people who didn’t see the little hapless bunch of protesters won’t believe you.

well at least this keeps these democrat shit heads out of the bars, whore houses and drug dens, but I dont think they are smart enough to live free, too stupid, remember florida election, democrats too stupid to punch a hole in a ballot, its that union controlled public education, or lack of education, useless idiots
william sadler

Disgusted vet is lying. Liberal vet has no clue. And there were only about 40 protestors. EDnewwest knows multiplication by at least 6 times. What will really be interesting is when the liberals and their ilk get the news that the surge is winning and they can’t root for Bin Laden any more.

Kenp,arent the Bush`s and Cheney`s children women?So what you are saying if your mom didnt serve in a war there not real americans!Or your grandparents arent real americans for not forcing their daughter to join.Their children are americans like me and you,have there own choices to make!So Mike Moore wanna be,stop blaming everyone else and start blaming yourself,we elect these people,they dont elect themselves!

If these protesters wanted to make a statement, they should have marched straight down broadway and bring the town to a halt for a few hours.
jim wilson

I am a young American. 27 is still young, right? I really don’t like Bush. The man distorts the truth. Why would anyone want someone like that in office? I think it’s good to have your point of view, and maybe you do agree with his policies, but how can you agree with the way he communicates those policies? If Congress or the Supreme Court do not agree with him, he skirts around the laws. Enemy Combatant? Come on. Congress should not be a rubber stamp. Why can’t we have a strong Republican that is honest with us? In fact, why can’t we have people in both parties that are honest with us? I think a lot more would get done for the good of everyone. I think that’s what we should be talking about & reading on here…not how stupid it is that a group of people came together to protest something they don’t believe in. What do I know, I’m young 🙂
Matt Goldstein

Love the “peace” protester kicking Cheney (effigy) in the head while the one dressed as Castro looks on. This humorous/sad display could be seen as a sign that their meds may not be at therapeutic levels. I recommend they be admitted for observation and reevaluation of their pharmacological regimen.
Excalibur No.1

You Lefties keep screaming about how they violated the Constitution, yet I have yet to see any of my freedoms taken. Oooh, the big bad Patriot Act. I’m sure there are agents right now listening in on all my phone calls, just waiting for me to slip up. Give me a break. On the other hand, seems like every few months someone in this country is caught planning attacks. They are caught because of the Patriot Act. And as far as the War goes, quit whining, we are there, we can’t change the past. The sooner we quit interferring in the process, the sooner they can win and get us out of there.

Leftists Lie, There have been several court rulings stating that several programs have been illegal and in violation of the Constitution. You even had the Dep. AG and severl DoJ staff threatening to resign if the programs continued to operate in the same illegal manner. “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” You do realize that the requirement to fill out paperwork every time you buy over the counter cold medicine with pseudoephedrine is a provision of the Patriot Act. So in the name of the war on terror – I can’t buy cold medicine?
Liberal vet

YEP not more then 50 protesters. FUNNY how in Iraq under SH, these people would have been beaten or killed, Hmm I didn’t see any of that going on here. Funny tohear them keep saying Blood for Oil, if that was so, why are we paying more fo oil-gas then before we went in..

I’m so sick of seeing stupid white people dancing around and chanting like they know what they are doing. Do they have ANY idea what Sharia law would do to them for a public display of dissent in an Islamic society???? We better pray people of color are not as dumb as these freakish hippies.

What, no burger-flipping jobs availble for these poor, unemployed drop-outs? I hear the islamofascists are hiring “package delivery” specialists. Since they seem to agree with the islamocorp company mission statement, maybe they would be interested in a job to occupy their free time. I hear the retirement package promises a unique set of benefits. Something about a pushbutton path to 72 virgins (or was that 72 goats? the legalese is less than clear on that)
Greg H

Looks to my like a lot of LEFT WING JERKS,that need to get a life!!!! probably had more left wing reports than they had protesters!! Just another bunch of idiots!

While I agree with their right to protest, I also am disappointed by it. What does this accomplish? I’m tired of the whole “liar” line of thought. If he lied, so did Clinton, and Pelosi, and the UN, and 18 other nations who believed it. Personally, I STILL believe he had that stuff and it’s either in the Bekka Valley in Lebanon, or buried in the sands of Iraq. Either way, what’s done is done and there was nothing underhanded about it. People, this is America – not China or Russia. The fact that they were ALLOWED to protest speaks volumes. We went in because Bush felt our interests were being threatened; plain and simple. The biggest mistake we made was not sending in 300K troops to begin with. BUT, we couldn’t. Because they had been scaled back during the 90’s and we didn’t have the troops to send!

I love how all these seemingly “intelligent” liberals are leaving comments about how anyone who is against this is against the Constitution. The First Amendment defends the right to speak for EVERYONE. I know how much you want to silence people like us, especially if we have a radio microphone, but we’ve got just as much freedom to speak out against idiotic practices like this. I actually thought Wyoming seemed like a pretty nice state, now I’m starting to wonder. I can only hope the other 99% of residents in that town are civilized human beings with day jobs.
James Tillendale

John Mitchell I”m still waiting for WW3 that President Reagan was suppose to start that you all were trying to get him impeached for…
Moon Puppy

What’s this talk aout”hippies”? Hippies were a phenomenon of the 1960s qnd early 1970s. IF there are any real hippies still aound, they are in their fifties and sixties. If there are hippie meetings, AARP cards must be checked at the door!
Ed, too OLD to be a hippie

Anti-War Demonstrators = Bunch of commie pinkos who need to be thrown out of the country. Go live in Cuba and see how they like it. Who needs them.

Adrianna, Curious – I don’t have a clue about what?
liberal vet

BTW, those of you who think detainment camps, no trials, enemy combatant status, and interrogation are wrong for us to do must have hated Roosevelt as much as Bush. Because if you don’t, you’re a d*mn hypocrit! Roosevelt did these things and so much more, but he’s held in high esteem. Your hatred of Bush is clouding your judgement.

What’s worse? Chickenhawk or chickenshit? Think about it liberals.

boBNunny, And Reagan signed legislation apologizing for the internment of the Japanese during WWII based on “race prejudice, war hysteria, and a failure of political leadership” So FDR was wrong and Reagan was right or FDR and Bush are right and Reagan was wrong?
Liberal vet

The brave men and women of the armed forces are fighting so you can continue to do what you seem to do best, be society’s sprongers.
Anthony A. Huizenga

THIS is news? Pathetic, absolutely pathetic…
Richard Simon

Bring our military home and send the psyops. Lois

BoBNunny – not to mention Reagan gave them all $20k. But I guess if we can make nice with Libya – anything can happen. Old Dutch is turning in his grave.
Liberal vet

Damn Hippies!!!!!! LOL! The lefty trolls are a disgrace to this country. I wish Dick Cheney was running for prez in ’08.

For all those who are calling these American names and degrading their actions, just remember we live in a democracy and thank God we have a 1st Amendment. History will not look kindly on Bush/Cheney and these protestors will probably have the last laugh.

This administration is almost at an end. Too bad the Liberals don’t have anyone worthwhile to vote for. You’d think that would concern them more than this rubbish.
Liberals Suk

For those of you who equate Dick Cheney with Halliburton with Dubai, remember that Bill Clinton visits Dubai twice a year to be paid $500,000 to give a “speech.” Who is in whose pocket? Long live the First Amendment, but these “protesters” should think who they are protesting FOR.

Chickenhawk makes no sense… we have voluntary armed forces now, if you don’t want to serve don’t. Why would their children be in Iraq and Afghanistan, unless they chose to do so? Most people choose the armed forces because of benefits, but then when wars come along, they talk about patriotism and sacrifice. Not having a family member in the armed forces has nothing to do with this debate. Using the chickenhawk term is a cop out used when someone cannot come up with a logical coherent argument against something they don’t agree with emotionally. Stop being emotional and come up with something substanative. Not serving was quite common during the draft days of Korea and Vietnam… look it up. Therefore, just because someone dodged the draft does not mean they are anti-American or an illegitimate patriot.

I have always looked up to the people of Wyoming for having people of the caliber of Cheney and Simpson. You should of had Daschule if you want somebody to cry over.

On the subject of Clinton avoiding the draft – try gutless coward! Bush at least served in the Air National Guard and damn well could have been called up at anytime – Whoops forgot y’all have some crank of newsman (that has a memo written in 2004 that that proves otherwise). Numbers at the rally 250 – try less then 65 someone really does not know how to count. How about the subject of Anti-War Demonstrators – what happend to the Viet Nam Vets — Oh yeah your patriots wanting to bring the boys home save and sound. What happned to the Viet Nam Vets when they got home – you same bunch of anal retards pissed on them. You want to support the troops now – take it from a VET – shutup and sit down. All your doing is giving aid and comfort to the ISLAMIC Thugs that destroyed the twin towers – Oh forgot that was Bush’s fault – try the gutless coward, he had more then ample chances to get Bin Laden and failed. If your so freaking hot about stopping the war – then go down join the Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy – volunteer to go and kill the bastards before we have fight them in our streets.
Chuck Butler

Bravo to those protesters in Jackson Hole. They’re real patriots for opposing this stupid war.

I love Dick. He has, in the last 2 years done more to insure a Democrat sweep of ’08 than any other person, even Obama. Let Cheney go free! then watch the ’08 GOP candidates flee from photo ops!
Big T

So the POTUS violated the Constitution by making you have to fill out a form to get your cough medicine? LOLs! Forms for cough medicine is a Constitutional violation but FDR’s internment of thousands of Japanese isn’t? Liberals wouldn’t be liberals if they weren’t hypocritical b*st*rds.
Liberals Lie

David,i hope you went history Wont Remember these protestors and when Iraq finally levels off and starts spreading democracy in the region(just like Reagan did in USSR)history will see them for what they really did not what the news media imagined they didnt do!When this is done and over you wont even remember Cindy Sheehan!(your fearless leader)

Wow. Thanks for dragging my party down even farther.

First the Jackson A-Hole online says it drew a large crowd , then it says 250. Did you have the same people count who count those turning out for Cindy Sheehan ? Impeachment ? Don’t you think if there were anything to impeach, that those fine bastions of legislative ineptness would have started?

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