Teton County School Finances

By on August 13, 2009
Teton County School Finances

$66.5 million was added by the 2009 Legislature to school operations funding for school year 2009-2010.  We add an inflationary adjustment every year (which we call the external cost adjustment (ECA)) and this year the external cost adjustment was 3.7% or $30.9 million statewide.  What this means is that Teton County School District #1 will get 3.7% more money than they did last year.  Specifically for Teton County this translates to $928,403.

Teton County will get in School Year (SY) 2009-2010 the amount of $35,017,855 and then with the ECA of 3.7% ($928,403) that brings their total to $35,946,258.

But we then threw in some extra funding for instructional facilitators for the district for $611,251.  We already fund instructional facilitators ($16 million), but we decided to infuse some more funds into that successful program.  An instructional facilitator is a teacher’s teacher.  This person has at least 5 years teaching experience and a master’s degree and they go in and assist teachers to be better teachers.

When you add in all of the different sources of appropriations from the legislature, the Teton County School District will receive for SY 2009-2010 the amount of $36,804,802 which then translates per student to $16,122 per student.

Statewide we are spending $1.260 Billion on K-12 with the statewide average of $14,767 per student.

We also appropriated $3,650,000 for food service subsidies that are not reflected in any of the numbers above.

Where the per student expenditure gets really interesting is when you look at the increase over the last few years.

2005-06 $11,501

2006-07  $14,079

2007-08  $14,723

2008-09  $15,558

2009-10  $16,122

Our teacher salaries have gone from $33,680 in 99-00 to $60,111 in 08-09.


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