2009 Wyoming Supplemental Budget

By on August 14, 2009
2009 Wyoming Supplemental Budget

The 2009 Wyoming Legislative Session is over and as part of that session the Wyoming Legislature approved a supplemental budget for 2009-2010.  Wyoming works on a biennium budget, meaning that in every even year (2008 being the last budget session) we approve a $3.8 Billion budget for the upcoming two years (2009-2010).  However, we do come back in every odd year (2009) and do a supplemental budget for things we might have misestimated or emergencies we had not anticipated. 

This year’s supplemental budget was for $164 million.  Of that $164 million we primarily were funding capital construction.  Approximately $60 million was for the new labs in which the crime lab, health lab, and agricultural lab will be housed in one large lab building.  We also set aside about $4 million for upgrades to the Tensleep Fish Hatchery. 

Another major piece of the supplemental budget was providing for the employees of the new Medium Security Prison in Torrington. 

We also transferred about $100 million to a rainy day account, so we have some money to account for some budget shortfalls that we may see next year. 

We also appropriated about $12 million for a myriad of bills that passed this session that had appropriations attached to them.  Most of these were less than $1 million each, with the exception being for the economic development account getting $2 million.

I have hyperlinked below to the actual fiscal profile for Wyoming so you can see where all of the money goes.  It helps to understand before trying to figure out how to read the fiscal profile that BRA stands for Budget Reserve Account and GF is the General Fund.  Those are the two main accounts that we deal with.  There are also other accounts, such as the Rainy day Account called the Legislative Stabilization Reserve Account (LSRA), the school foundation account, the school capital construction account, and all of the water accounts.

 Fiscal Profile for 2009-10

The one account you won’t see is the Permanent Mineral Trust Fund which has about $4 Billion sitting in it.  This is not reflected in the fiscal profile.

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