A Normal Day at the Legislature

By on August 14, 2009
A normal day at the legislature

Someone asked the other day, what my normal day is like during a legislative session.  Here is how today went.

 5:30 Run 20 minutes on treadmill

6:30 Arrive at Capitol

7:00 Chair Judiciary Committee (I sit as the House Judiciary Chairman and we began our day today at 7 a.m. hearing testimony on 4 bills dealing with Carbon Sequestration)

9:00 15 minute break

9:15 Resume Judiciary Committee hearing on Carbon Sequestration

10:00 Morning Session begins (The full House of Representatives comes into session beginning at 10 and usually goes for 2 hours in the morning.  This morning we began by debating 4 different bills and passing them onto 2nd reading)

Noon– Back to Judiciary Committee for further working of the carbon sequestration bills (no lunch — grabbed a donut running up the stairs to make it into committee room in time)

2:00 Barely get done with Judiciary Committee meeting in order to get down onto the House Floor for afternoon session (afternoon session usually goes from 2 until about 4 or 5).  Today the afternoon session was shorter because it is only the 3rd day of session and not a lot of bills have come out of the committees yet. 

3:00 Read emails and try to respond to as many as I can get to.  Meet with the Speaker to discuss the order of bills coming out of Judiciary.  As chairman of Judiciary I have to schedule each day’s hearings and figure out which bills to schedule for the next day.  Then I try to find each legislator that is sponsoring those bills that I am scheduling, and make sure that they can be there to explain their bill. 

4:00 Rules Committee meets and discusses some new rules proposed for the Joint Rules between the house and Senate (this goes for an hour)

5:00 Review bills for tomorrow.  I have two bills of my own to present in other committees.  Contact witnesses that I will need there to testify on behalf of my bills.  Review and mark up bills that will be in my Judiciary Committee tomorrow morning.  Review and mark up bills that will be presented on the floor tomorrow.  Meet with the House Attorneys to request an amendment for a bill tomorrow. 

6:00 4 different receptions to get to at three different hotels.  The dentists had a dessert bar.  The cable television people had a dinner.  Questar had a dinner.  And then the Divison of Mental Health and Substance Abuse had a dinner honoring those that make a difference in our communities.  I hit them all as quickly as I could.  Talked to different people I needed to speak to and never actually had time to sit down and eat anything.  Grabbed a bag chips out of the vending machine back at the hotel.

9:00 Back to room and begin research on the computer as to a speech I need to give tomorrow in which I need some statistics and data. 


And this is just the first week of the session, by the middle of the session the days are a lot longer and faster paced.


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