Gingery Agrees with Governor’s Veto

By on August 14, 2009
Gingery Agrees with Governor’s Veto

This is the press release that went out earlier today: 


State Representative Keith Gingery of Jackson Hole, stated today that he agreed with Governor Dave Freudenthal’s veto of House Enrolled Act 89 (House Bill 262) Very Rare and Uncommon Areas.  Governor Freudenthal vetoed the bill yesterday, March 12, 2009.  Rep. Gingery had argued strongly against this bill while it was being debated in the Wyoming Legislature last month.  The bill would have added another layer of approval to designating areas in Wyoming as rare and uncommon areas.  Presently the Wyoming Environmental Quality Council designates rare and uncommon areas (which has only been done twice since 1973).  This bill would have had the decision by the Wyoming Environmental Quality Council reviewed and approved by the State Lands and Investment Board, which is made up of the 5 state elected officials.  This would have taken a process out of the scientific objective criteria and made it more of a political decision. 


The bill originally passed the House of Representatives on a vote of 37 to 23 (with all 3 Teton representatives – Jorgensen, Gingery, and Roscoe, all voting no).  The bill passed the Senate on a vote of 17-13.


The effect of designating an area as rare and uncommon is that it stops any mining (other than coal mining) from occurring in that area.  Coal mining is governed by Federal Law.


Rep. Gingery stated “We certainly need to develop our mineral resources, but I think we all recognize that there are certain areas in Wyoming that truly are rare and uncommon and shouldn’t be developed.  This veto by the Governor demonstrates Wyoming’s commitment toward preserving that balance of development and preservation.  I argued strongly against this bill and was unsuccessful in convincing the Wyoming Legislature to vote against this bill.  I am thankful to the Governor for using his veto power to help preserve certain areas of Wyoming from development.”

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