The New Jackson Elementary School

By on September 1, 2009

Sherry Daigle, the Teton County Clerk, has this great photo up in her office of an aerial view of the town of Jackson in the 1960’s.  Actually she has numerous photos of Jackson in her office from the 1960’s and 70’s.  This is the Jackson that she remembers growing up in and sometimes when she is describing a  location in town, she uses landmarks that no longer exist.  I lamented to her one day that my old Jackson Hole High School had been torn down to make room for Colter Elementary, and she pointed out that her Jackson Hole High School was now buried over by the Center for the Arts.  (Not to imply that Sherry is very much older than me)

In that aerial view of Jackon that Sherry has in her office, you can see Jackson Elementary School as one of the predominant buildings in the town.  It sits in the field by itself.  The Junior High hadn’t been built yet and the Gill addition was still just a hay field.  Actually, almost all of East Jackson is a big hayfield in the photo.  I am sure when it was built, that everyone was very proud of the new school building, as we are now of the newly built Jackson Elementary School. 

Now it is gone.  The old Jackson Elementary School has been torn down and is now just a field of dirt being smoothed over by scrapers this week.  I will miss that school.  The new school is really nice, but I still miss the old one.  I walked over this afternoon for the open house at the new school.  Walking back to work past the field of dirt that used to be where the old school was, I was already having trouble remembering where exactly it sat on the site.  Progress is nice, but I will still miss that old school.

What are your memories of the old Jackson Elementary School?  Did you go to school there?  Who were your teachers?

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