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By on October 22, 2009

As co-chairman of the Select Committee of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, I have tried to get the committee to all 5 of the Wyoming State Facilities.  We have met every year for the past 5 years at the Wyoming State Hospital and taken numerous tours and inspections of that facility.  One major change we were able to implement was putting in a new HVAC system in the Karn Building.  We toured it 2 years ago in July and the heat was unbearable.  They had no air conditioning.  The new HVAC is being installed this year. 


We have also met at the Wyoming Retirement Center in Basin.  This is similar to a nursing home and is a good facility with a really good administrator.  The Life Resource Center in Lander (formerly the training school) hosted us two years ago.  We have not been to the Veteran’s Home in Buffalo.  (Just a side note on the names — sort of interesting — the Life Resource was just recently renamed from being called the Training School, the Retirement Center used to be called the Sanitorium because that is where TB and Hansen’s Disease patients went, and the Pioneer Home was originally called the Home for the Aged)

This past week we met in Thermopolis at the Pioneer Home.  The Pioneer Home is assisted living.  It is beautiful facility sitting within Hot Springs State Park with green lawns, hot springs, and lots of trees.  However, it was built in the 1950’s and has not had updates.  Thus we appropriated funds last year to do some renovations.  Some of those renovations have been accomplished.  The new elevators are in.  No more pulling the gate across so you don’t fall out.  The new wing is done with its remodel.  It is designed around a kitchen area, which serves as the gathering area.  Has a very home feel to it.

Below is what the hallways look like in the 1950’s built area.



This next pictures show the remodeled area.


View Pioneer Home

This next photo isn’t great, but hopefully you can get an idea that the window is built out to allow for plants to be placed in the window.  These windows are throughout the new remodel. 



And since I am showing pictures from Thermopolis, no photo collection from Thermopolis is complete without first showing a picture of one of my favorite places – the wedding of the waters where the Wind River becomes the Big Horn River (the trappers who named each river didn’t realize at the time that they were the same river).


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