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By on November 4, 2009

Where the jobs at?
Experts say Wyoming lags about a year behind the national economic trends. It did take the state a little longer to recognize the rest of the country’s woes and now there is evidence the Cowboy State will be a bit tardy to the ‘recovery’ as well.
Cheyenne’s Tribune-Eagle reported Wyoming lost about 3,000 jobs statewide over the past year. If this seems like a lot, that’s because it is. The state has not reported a net loss in jobs at all for 21 years. Losing 1.1 percent of the total jobs in the state is unusual, according to state economist David Bullard.

Fourteen of the 23 counties shed jobs, and statewide payroll declined by roughly $36 million. Losses were dispersed over various industries including the minerals industry, gas and oil exploration, along with tourism. Teton County lost more than 1,100 jobs, including about 500 in lodging and food service.

Pricey air travel to JH makes us snotty
Newsweek’s Budget Travel section featured Brad Tuttle, the ‘Trip Coach,’ tackling the age-old question: Why is it impossible to find a cheap flight into Jackson Hole? The subhead read: “I’ll tell you why,” so, naturally, we were intrigued.
‘Coach’ blamed it on a numbers game. “There are only 10 daily flights into Jackson Hole, with non-stop flights offered from just seven U.S. airports. More often than not, travelers must make one or more connections to fly into smaller airports like Jackson Hole, and they pay a premium because there are often only one or two airlines monopolizing service and calling all the shots in terms of fares.”
JHMR brand director Anna Olson jumped in to the defense of Jackson Hole with the story’s only after-blog.

“Jackson Hole works hard with the airlines to keep us competitive to Rocky Mountain destinations and the good news is that when you land in Jackson Hole it is just 40 minutes to the ski resort which is very convenient for guests,” Olson wrote.

Maybe it’s the pricey airfare that has JHolers feeling superior. We could not confirm this – we seem to have misplaced our latest issue of Skiing Magazine – but the Salt Lake Tribune claims the new reader survey in shushing glossy ranked Jackson Hole as No. 1 in “snootiness,” calling our locals “condescending.”

Idaho Falls gets some love … really
Boise Weekly was crowing about the inclusion of Idaho Falls in National Geographic Adventure’s Best 50 Places to Live in the U.S. in their October issue.

Journalist Deanna Darr admitted “the award had us scratching our heads a bit.”  
Nat Geo picked up on the knock for IF but let the city off for its geographic location. “Big-box stores and cookie-cutter housing developments may give Idaho Falls that ‘anywhere USA’ vibe, but no other major metro area is as well situated alongside the legendary trout waters of the South Fork of the Snake River,“ the magazine claimed. Driggs was the only other Idaho municipality to make the list – what, no Sun Valley? Jackson Hole, of course, showed up along with Lander (for the rock-climbing scene) and Sheridan (for the old school look that is “reminiscent of Jackson 50 years ago,” according to the mag’s editors). JHW

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