Coal in Wyoming

By on November 18, 2009

The Joint Judiciary Committee has been in Laramie for the past few days meeting on a myriad of issues.  Today we spent most of the day working on the carbon sequestration financial assurance bill.  One of the presenters giving testimony was State Representative Tom Lubnau from Gillette, who has been the primary mover and shaker in Wyoming that has been moving carbon sequestration forward.  Rep. Lubnau gave a very interesting power point presentation.  Here are some of the statistics that he provided:


Wyoming provides 10% of the energy needs of the United States

    • Specifically Wyoming provides 10.6 quadrillion of btu’s.
      • This compares to Canada that provides 7.08 and Mexico that provides 3.04
      • Wyoming provides more than Saudia Arabia or Venezuala

Specifically Campbell County, Wyoming provides 7 quadrillion btu’s


50% of the nation’s electricity is from coal

30% of the nation’s electricity is from Wyoming coal


Wyoming is the biggest exporter of energy in the nation


Most states are net importers, including Texas


Texas takes 64.6 million tons of coal from Wyoming

Missouri = 41.6

Illinois = 51.7


The midwest, in particularly, is highly reliant on Wyoming coal for their energy needs.


The carbon sequestration process will allow for carbon dioxide to be stored underground rather than released into the atmosphere.  Wyoming has determined the legal status of the pore space in which the carbon dioxide is stored and set up a regulatory structure for the carbon sequestration process.  The bill being debated today is sort of the last piece of the puzzle, providing for financial assurance for liability purposes.  The Judiciary Committee voted unanimously to sponsor the bill in the upcoming 2010 legislative session.

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