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It’s seems all to clear in these Orwellian times that significant improvements in improving social services for “we the people” are slim. Bipartisan bickering between parties has become an endless tug of war. Now is the time, exploiting readily available technology, to make a logical leap in American consciousness. If we drop the rope and engage our progressive gears then a new world of abundance for all awaits.


Imagine individuals and corporations coming forward to slowly, but surely wind down this mindless rat race that we were all born into. We’ve forgotten our Hunter/Gatherer roots, which were cooperative in nature, and digressed into a nation of mindless Producer/Consumers. Small supportive community living has mutated into sprawling strip malls and isolating, suburban bubbles. We need to regroup as a species. Our survival depends on it.


If Republican supporters refuse to awaken from their domestication then it’s time for the Democrats, or a new emerging political presence of Seeker/Evolvers, to join forces in a way this nation has never seen before. Stress and suffering can be eliminated.

The cost of “goods and services” boils down to “time and materials”. In order to provide FREE health care, inspiring education, organic/non GMO food, sustainable shelter, clothing, snowboards, beer, etc. etc. we just need to re-invent ancient bartering systems. Choreographing such an ambitious dance is now digitally possible at light speeds. Operators are standing by.


It’s time we release the oppressive shackles installed by the top 1% financial and corporatocratic feudal elite. When the other 99% finally get together and share skills, talents, creativity, passion and resources then all our worries will fade away and jubilee will erupt. We’ve achieved a critical mass of dreamers. Let’s live as One so we can have more fun!  Don’t forget to breathe…

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