Cooperation, not a wacky doctor’s game

By on December 27, 2009

“It’s true we’ll make a brighter day, just you and me” -Michael Jackson


The industry of health care has become a more powerful force then our government is able to manage. The business behind medicine overwhelms any real chance for Change. Hope has been lost.


It’s time we come to terms with of our corrupt and incestuous government where far too many politicians are merely pirates for corporate profiteering. Expecting improvements in health care from DC is delusional. Just ask your doctor and watch them nod their head in dismay.


It would have been logical for Obama to implement the same efficient health care methods that we see all ready operating in the rest of the modern world, even Cuba. Common sense, however, interferes with quarterly earnings. Clearly, the suffering of poor and medically uninsured Americans is not a priority.


Fortunately, we are at a most wonderful place in human history. Available technologies, creativity and compassion are merging to manifest a new, improved, integrative and free health care system. The pieces of the puzzle are available, a powerful infrastructure exists, waiting to be transformed by conscious capitalism.


We are all, both healers and patients, ready for more enlightened approaches to health care. It’s time for COOPERATION, We The People taking care of our own kind, because enough of us actually care and can finally initiate solutions under our own power.


When elements of Facebook, Apple, Google, Patagonia, Microsoft, Habitat for Humanity, etc. are inspired, by us, to team up on solving our nations health care disaster then new collaborative solutions will gracefully unfold.  It’s time for the new wave of American pioneers, interpreters of the Light, instead of the obvious Dark side of our economy, to steer this nation into the era of health, prosperity, equality and abundance that we all deserve. Let’s just do it!



For a more detailed and disturbing breakdown of the current health care reform “game show” please read this article from the Rolling Stone magazine:

Sick and Wrong: How Washington is screwing up health care reform – and why it may take a revolt to fix it

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