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By on February 8, 2010

Chief Justice Voight gave the State of the Judiciary this morning to the full legislature. 

The housekeeping items were:

  1. Wants to look into District Court Commissioners and make sure that we are using them properly
  2. Video Appearance Rules need to be promulgated
  3. Digital Recording funding
  4. Continue to look into where we are locating judges
  5. Need funding for interpreters
  6. Need to look at cost/benefit analysis for peremptory challenges to judges
  7. Who pays postage on Rule 77(d) when orders are mailed out.

Statistically he stated that circuit court and district court filings are up.  However, within those numbers, criminal numbers are down and civil is up. 

Now for the substance of his speech, he is greatly concerned that the civil jury trial system is not working in Wyoming.  Too many people believe the system is too slow and too expensive.  Because of those two problems, people are going to arbitration and mediation.  His great quote was that the people of Wyoming are having their arguments solved in the backroom of Holiday Inn in a arbitration hearing, rather than in the courthouses of Wyoming.  He pointed to notice pleading, pre-trial publicity, and procedural rules that are not specific to cases that are causing the problem.

The Chief Justice also came out in support of my bill that would get rid of the mandatory retirement age of 70.

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