State of the State

By on February 8, 2010

Governor Dave Freudenthal gave his State of the State of Wyoming this morning at 10 a.m..  Because it is a budget session, he spent most of his hour long speech discussing the budget.  The primary message was that the legislature should not touch the reserves.  He believes we are going to need the money in 2012 to keep education funded at the same levels. 

For non-budget items, he stated that he is in support of my committee’s juvenile justice bills, and likes my DUI bill.  He wants to tax wind.  He wants to give data centers a tax exemption. 

The more interesting issue was he said that he is not in support of secession from the union, but he would like a constitutional amendment that would limit the federal authority in Wyoming.  His quote was that the State of Wyoming is an empty vessel that implements federal policy.  All the legislators stared at each other, because we weren’t aware that the Governor was even considering secession as an option.

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