The Youtube Revolution

By on February 13, 2010

[reprinted from  an 11/7 edition of the JH Weekly, letters to the editor]


“Where’s the 757 in these 9/11 photos?  Anyone, anyone, anyone…”


When the empirical Dark Lords of the Bush and Bin Laden regimes began choreographing 9/11 they failed to foresee a fateful flaw in their sinister plans to wage their soul-less, profit driven war.  This would be the emergence of the Internet and a cultural phenomenon called

The reptilian Republicans assumed that their “shock and awe” strategies would sweep panic and fear over the American people, while the blaringly obvious evidence behind the pre-planned implosions of towers 1, 2, and 7 were quickly swept under the rug.  As well as the unmanned, remote controlled, kamikaze fighter jet that crashed into the Pentagon.
Fortunately, the frightening facts behind 9/11 have all surfaced on Youtube.  This online video library, less then 3 years old, has blossomed exponentially to contain every thing from the latest pop-starlet music video to the cold hard data collected that blatantly reveals, over and over, that the true terrorists reside[d] in our White House.
The truth awaits you, simply by typing “9/11 truth” or “loose change” into the search box, but only if you have the courage to have your naïve bubble burst.  Thank God that our evil dictators are so brazenly stupid and so poorly covered their Devilish tracks.
It’s only a matter of time for the inevitable collapse and restructuring of our Nation, and I am confident that we are right on schedule.

Please view these clips when you have the time:

Danish scientists discover nano-thermite in 9/11 dust samples

Laser targeting Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, evidence of military technology on 9/11

Loose Change

WTC Lease holder, Larry Silverstein explaining how the fire marshall made the decision to detonate Tower 7

BBC News reports on Tower 7 collapse while it’s still standing in the background of the reporter

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