The E.T. Equation

By on February 24, 2010

There are some hundred billion galaxies, each with, on the average, a hundred billion stars… ten billion trillion.  In the face of such overpowering numbers, what is the likelihood that only one ordinary star, the Sun, is accompanied by an inhabited planet?

-Carl Sagan

There is no greater “drug free” reality shift then experiencing your first UFO sighting.  Mine was back in 2003.  A reassuring voice was sensed inside my head that calmly said “go outside, go outside” and so I did.  It was in the evening an hour or so after dinner in the burbs of upstate NY.  Not a star was visible due to a low, thick blanket of clouds that glowed slightly orange due to the light pollution of nearby downtown Schenectady.

As I walked down the driveway of my parent’s suburban home my world changed forever.  Hovering about ½ mile away, roughly 45 degrees up was a glistening red orb.  My estimate was that this bright ember in the night sky was about 30′ in diameter and blazed like a small sun.  Every now and then it’d swirl erratically as if  being jiggled from heaven by a giant fishing pole.  I stared at it and “it” seemed to be staring back for about 20 minutes.  A curious long sleek military jet then appeared and cruised by the shining sphere, slightly above the red ball and just below the layer of clouds.

Without a fellow witness, I realized that no one would believe me.  So, I ran inside and grabbed my dad and the cordless phone to call a friend in Colorado.  A minute later we were both outside gazing at the orb which had drifted  a few degrees to the right, but maintained the same altitude.

My dad was a bit freaked.  The friend I had called was baffled and asked me to pass the phone to my father to confirm I wasn’t losing my mind.  While they were talking about the mysterious object hovering in the air the large barracuda-like airplane buzzed back for another fly by, but this time from below.


We gazed at the hovering anomoly for another 30 minutes or so, as the glowing ball slowly continued to casually drift west about 100′ beneath the urban induced orange haze.  Every few minutes it’d do a little swirling orbital dance as if to make sure we realized that what we were looking at was certainly not a weather balloon.  I’d lose my breath every time.


Houston, Do We Have a Problem or Possible Solution?

It turns out that former president Jimmy Carter had a UFO sighting while governor of Georgia back in 1969.  10 other members of his local Lions Club also witnessed a “self-luminous” object in the sky that according to Carter’s official report “Came close, moved away, came close and then moved away.”


Fast forward a few years and Carter as President of the U.S.A requests from the CIA director all government documentation of UFO or Extra Terrestrial activity.  George Bush Sr., “W’s” daddy, was in charge of the CIA at the time.  He refused to share any relevant information.  It’s also been revealed that Bill Clinton’s efforts accessing classified E.T. documentations were also largely denied.  Evidence has even surfaced to support that the choreographed assassinations of JFK, RFK and Marilyn Monroe were related to keeping the lid on “other worldly” matters from being publicly discussed.
There have been thousands of witnesses, many of them U.S. government or military personnel claiming to have seen UFOs and or E.T.s and their technologically advanced equipment.  The Disclosure Project, a group lobbying for total declassification of this expanding phenomenon,  has over 500 of these testimonials recorded on video.  Most begin with “I don’t expect you to believe this, but…”  However, they all seem to conclude with a commitment to attest before congress if given the opportunity.

January 8th, 2008, dozens of people including members of local law enforcement described seeing a roughly 1 mile long, ½ mile wide “space ship” silently floating over the town of Stephensville, Texas.
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin
has gone on record confirming UFO visitations and film footage taken of these encounters during the Apollo missions.

Even the Vatican, historically rather regressive pertaining to matter’s beyond Earth’s orbit, views life on other planets as “very interesting and deserves serious consideration”.


The fact that Bush Sr. refused Carter’s request for UFO/ET data is a classic example of whose really in charge of our government.  It’s not the President that’s for sure.  This obvious problem needs to be addressed soon.

Bush’s violations also clearly indicates ulterior motives directly related to his role as an ambassador of the oil industry and military/industrial empirical complex.  We know through testimonials of former government researchers that reverse engineered E.T. technology exists, but has been indefinitely “back shelved”.  Access to this advanced engineering would quickly subvert the oil companies dominance over us all.  Our dependence on fossil fuels for heating, electricity and transportation would be efficiently replaced with clean, environmentally responsible alternatives.  They don’t care about our current ecologic collapse, just maintaining profit and power.


The other prevailing reason that’s surfaced as to why aspects of our supposedly Democratic government refuse to acknowledge the existence of extra terrestrials and world changing technology?  They don’t want to initiate a panic with the people.  Concerned citizens are all ready quite frightened when it comes to our current planetary problems.  The truth and pending shift would actually be a huge relief.

One Disclosure Project testimonial reports that a covert branch of our government has all ready classified 57 separate E.T. species many of them identical to human form, but with heightened telepathic abilities.  It makes one wonder if we actually evolved linearly from monkey’s or were we dropped off by flying saucers roughly 100,000 years ago?  Perhaps, George Lucas knows something that we don’t for humans intermingle with aliens in all of the Star Wars films.  Is Science Fiction merely a method of preparing humanity for the inevitable?  Time will tell.
It’s clear that we earthlings are like naive fishes swimming in a bowl.  My continuing UFO interactions, similar experiences amongst my community and collected historical evidence gathered around this world reveals that “Contact” has all ready occurred long ago.  It seems we’ve been in an intergalactic quarantine phase that is about to end.  When will the apparently compassionate and patient races from beyond this galaxy decide to literally make the world stand still is a looming question.

This day is likely approaching much sooner then expected.  A date with destiny is upon us that disregards our governments goals of secrecy and deception.  It’s time to meet our neighbors.  If you feel a pull to go outside and look up, please do.


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