Wyoming Budget for 2010-2011

By on March 5, 2010



 The budget was signed this morning by the Governor.  Some highpoints of the budget that Rep. Gingery worked on and made sure that they passed


$2.5 million into the Wildlife Trust Fund

$2 million into the Cultural Trust Fund


$685,000 for telepsychiatry — Rep. Gingery serves as the Co Chair of the Select Committee on Mental Health and Substance Abuse and worked to get this provision in the budget.  Many communities do not have psychiatrists and by allowing patients to access psychiatrists through teleconference will expand patient care and reduce costs considerably.


$5.5 million for Developmental Disabilities.  This was the area of the budget that Rep. Gingery worked the most and came into conflict with the House Leadership on this issue.  Rep. Gingery was successful in getting  the funding into the budget.


Rep. Gingery was also successful in getting the sex offender treatment program funded fully at the State Penitentiary and working with Rep. Jim Roscoe was able to obtain funding for a law clerk for Judge Tyler in Pinedale.


Teton County School District #1 will receive $37 million this year which translates to $16,000 per student with 2317 students.  This is an increase of about $1million from last year.  The average teacher salaries in Teton County have doubled in the last 10 years going from $33,000 in 2000 to $65,000 in 2010.


Teton County and the Town of Jackson will receive their standard under the cap appropriations, mineral royalty grant foundations, state aid for county roads, and business council funding.  In addition the Legislature has appropriated the following funds from  the general fund to assist the town and county in these times of decreased local sales tax and property tax revenue.  The Town of Jackson will receive an extra $603,531 to help them with their budgeting this year.  Teton County will receive $492,174.


The final budget numbers are as follows


$2.9 billion from the General Fund  (a decrease of about a $1 billion from the last budget)

$1.6 billion from the School Foundation Program to fund K-12 education

$244 million for new school construction out of school capital construction account



The Legislature chose not to touch any of the state’s reserve funds, so there is still $712 million residing in the primary rainy day account.  There is also $40 million in the School Foundation and about $150 million sitting in the Water Development accounts.




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