Wage Peace: the non lethal weaponry solution

By on April 22, 2010

If you want to change the way people respond to you, change the way you respond to people.  –Timothy Leary

Wage Peace: the non lethal weaponry solution

Bee keepers use puffs of smoke to pacify angry insects.  If the U.S. Military hopes to win their current struggles against justifiably enraged insurgents who have had their homelands wrongfully invaded then we need to apply a similar non-lethal strategy to the arena of Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond if necessary.  It’s debatable, however, if the goal is to win the deceptive “war on terror” or just prolong a most blatant act of corporate profiteering.
We have the technology and neurological understanding to apply these methods.  Unfortunately, our government seems to lack the care and compassion necessary to do so.  Bullets and bombs that target not the body, but the microscopic receptor sites of the brain may be our best hope to wage peace.

Within all human minds lie waiting known neurological “key holes” waiting to be activated that trigger predictable repercussions.  Rubber tipped tubular, mosquito inspired darts carrying a customized liquid compound could be used instead of deadly ammunition.  These projectiles would deliver a small, yet effective dose of a tranquilizing solution that would temporarily sedate instead of kill.  It’s time this nation, supposedly founded on Christian values, remembers the 6th commandment.
Modified “paint ball” ammunition could also be readily manufactured to deliver the dose in a variety of ways using existing CO2 powered game-based rifles which are surprisingly advanced.  A gaseous explosion could occur on impact to engage air or mucus membrane intake systems of the human body.  A silica compound could also be added so that just a slight flesh wound, perhaps with an added indigo or UV light sensitive dye to provide historical evidence, would allow access to the blood stream and deliver the mind altering molucules to the attacker’s brain.  Options would be designed and implemented to best suit operational needs.

Optimally, a psychotropic compound would also be included to engage a consciousness expansion.  We would explore indigenous concoctions for inspiration.  The solution should also be blessed from a shamanic perspective so the unforeseen “trip” heads in a transformative direction.  Intention is everything.  Gandhi warned us about an “eye for an eye”.  Now is the time to open each other’s 3rd eye.
Many among us would gladly test this system on our selves before unleashing it upon insurgents.  This would become protocol for boot camp training so that the soldier would understand the impact of his actions on others.   Candidates could also be readily recruited from the parking lots of various music festivals.  The CIA in the ’60s heavily explored this arena with their LSD investigations.  It’s clearly time to resume that research, but with the new biochemical, neurological and spiritual comprehension of current times.
An attacker, instead of having their body blown to bits, would merely have their mind and hopefully also their soul blossom wide open.  Awakening from their sedated inner journey a few hours later, the individual would find their weapons chopped into pieces by hydraulic pincers.  He or she would live another day, but not their AK-47 or rocket propelled grenade launcher.
Recently, de-crypted video footage emerged on the web that recorded the wrongful slaughter of innocent civilians caring camera equipment that was mistaken for weapons while crossing a street in Iraq.  Apparently, photo-journalists not following Pentagon protocols have a tendency of being gunned down by not-so-friendly fire.   Wrongful deaths like this would be avoided if bullets were replaced with sedative stings.
The relatives of a tranguilized terrorist would also be less likely to seek revenge for no one died.  Although, hopefully, the enraged part of them would.  Over time, the repeated mental/spiritual “pulses” would alter their perspective of violence and lead to the dialog of peace that we all pray will unfold.  There is no way this is foreseeably possible based on current U.S. military methods which are primarily profit driven.  The business of war is so very lucrative.  Why stop when there’s so much money to be made?
Unfortunately, providing We The People with adequate food, housing, inspiring education, a healthy environement and free health care isn’t a lucrative endeavor.  All those bombs, bullets, planes and tanks really add up fast adding billions to our debt every day.  Then of course, there’s that pipe line to be put in across Afghanistan, the second largest oil deposit in the world to be secured in Iraq while bankrupting the US economy.
Psychotropics, derived primarily from substances that naturally grow from the earth, have been used by indigenous cultures for thousands of years to expand one’s awareness of life, the universe and everything.  Their foundation of reality and medicinal botanical knowledge is largely based on plant/brain/soul inter-communications.  It’s been documented that even early Europeans, prior to the systematic disruption of their link to Nature by the Catholic Church through their not-so-holy inquisitions, engaged in fungi induced reality shifts.
It seems, based on my personal experiences, that members of our community who have not explored  psychedelic experiences are somehow more agitated then those that have.  Not engaging those patiently waiting receptor sites, in my opinion, seems somehow to be detrimental to one’s mental and spiritual health.  I believe we would actually be providing a much needed experience to a very aggressive and understandably angry culture through non lethal, “illuminating” ammunition.  I suspect it might even turn out to be fun.

Several scientific experiments over the past 60 years have been conducted using psychotropics on volunteer test subjects.  The majority of “test pilots” report their experiences to be positive and world changing.  The book Breaking Open The Head by Daniel Pinchbeck is recommended reading on this subject.   It’s clear based on my research that plant based, non processed mind expanding substances were made illegal in this country to better control the American populace who have since been heavily domesticated by our deceptive and monopolized media.  Once you see the world differently, if only for a few hours, it’s never the same ever again. If you begin to question reality, then authority comes next.

Fire Photon Torpedoes…

The future rifle systems that await to be designed and implemented will fire non-lethal, consciousness expanding projectiles, but also need to be equipped with a customized, high powered laser beam.  This beam will assist in aiming when activated, but also induce temporary blindness making the threat unable to aim their weapons at our troops.  It’s activation will be optional and used when appropriate.


New advancements in “sonic disruptor” technology also exists that needs to be integrated into compassionate combat methods. These systems have all ready been prototyped and utilized as pirate deterents by the shipping industry and called Long Range Acoustic Devices.  Focused sound waves that repulse attackers without puncturing the body are needed if peace will prevail.
Imagine also Nerf inspired “smart bombs”, mortars and grenades that deployed their mind expanding sedative over larger areas through a gas expulsion system.  Whole battalions could be temporarily immobilized while their weapons were destroyed.  There would no longer be the fear of innocent civilians being killed in crossfire or air strikes for they would return to normalcy once the effect wore off. Architectural damage would also be minimized. The U.S. Military would then attract a new wave of enlightened enlistees who wish to make this world a safer place without the death, dismemberment and life altering psychiatric trauma that far too often follows our soldier’s home.


The development of tranquilizer/psychotropic non-lethal weaponry systems would also encourage more affirmative action in dealing with genocide and oppression in regions like Darfur.  People in need of safe haven could be protected in bamboo based refugee communities with out having to use deadly force against marauders that only adds fuel to the cultural fire.
Systematic elimination of sinister concentration camps in places like the jungles of Burma could also be peacefully liberated with out the loss of life.  These locations are widely known thanks to Google Earth, but largely ignored by the our government.  Peacekeeping efforts could actually become peaceful and proactive in nature.  It’s time to co-create a planet based on justice and freedom for all.  I am ready when you are.

Upon a quick scan of human history, we see endless waves of war.  We are currently engaged in the fabricated, yet now out of control, “War on Terror.”  The American people are awakening to the reality that Republican choreographed corporate profiteering is behind this latest cycle of madness.  As this new dawn unfolds, it is our responsibility to make right, in the best way possible, the atrocious “wrongs” committed by the Bush regime.


As absurd as these ’60s inspired visions may seem to the average, media mainlined American do we realistically have any other options for peaceful resolutions?  When the 9/11 investigations are inevitably opened and prosecutions against Bush, Cheney, Chumpsfeld, Rice and others are engaged how else will the US military calm the inevitable explosion of chaos in Iraq and Afghanistan?


Timothy Leary may have once be viewed by Nixon as “the most dangerous man alive”, but I suspect his efforts in exploring biochemical catalysts for enlightening purposes will actually lead to a safer and peaceful world.  Time to turn on, tune in and “peace out”, dude.  Let’s set phasers to stun and end the unnecessary death and insanity once and for all.


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