Bring Out Your Dead

By on June 23, 2010

This past Memorial Day evening found me regrouping from a hectic road trip at a motel in Burlington, VT.  Scanning the TV channels I came across a ceremony on CSPAN at the Vietnam War memorial in DC.  A military chaplain gave a solemn speech meant to sound significant.  This was followed by a drab discussion about the importance of refurbishing the foreboding monument.  It was all very official.
What these military officers failed to mention, however, is the declassified documents confirming that the “gulf of tonkin” incident, which was the primary reason for invading Vietnam, was in fact a lie.  The death of 58,159 US soldiers was therefore completely unjustified along with 4-6 million SE Asians.
Fast forward a few years and we’re wrapped up in the same deceptive game.  It’s understandable that lying about an incident that never occurred in a remote corner of the world with no witnesses could lead to false pretenses for waging war.  9/11 however took place in broad daylight in the crowded streets of New York City.
Gratefully, empowered citizens have all ready declassified the actual events of that fateful day.  Photos, video, eye witness testimonials, interviews and dust samples collected all reveal, over and over, how blatantly obvious an unforeseen terrorist attack was actually a planned event inspired by Hitler’s burning of the Reichstag.
We owe it to those who have wrongfully perished as a result of deadly deceptions to stop this corporately driven evil infecting our government and world.  A critical mass of courageous and determined people is emerging and organizing.  It’s unclear how justice will prevail, but darkness inevitably implodes upon itself.  This day is coming soon.  Change will be quick.  Hope is not lost for light and love always finds a way to shine.

Photo: Andrew Wyatt

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