Ben Roth, Jackson Hole Artist/Sculptor, Kicks Ass!

By on January 1, 2011
Ben Roth is a Jackson Hole based artist and sculpture who is on FIRE!  It’s been exciting to watch his career accelerate over the last few years, but he’s earned it through hard work, calculated risks and hyper-motivation.  He’s recently relocated his studio over to the emerging art district being established by the nice folks at the Teton Art Lab and Igneous Skis.
Ben’s work explores a wide spectrum, both fun and functional, from fine art to furniture, with inspirations from from Nature to NASCAR.  Next time you’re soaking in the hot tube at the Teton County Recreation Center make sure you look up.  Those graceful, aluminum, flying manta rays are just one of his many amazing creations scattered around beautiful Jackson, WY.
The following is a 3 cent interview:

.01:  When a stranger asks you “What do you do?”, how do you respond?

When someone asks me what I do I usually say that I’m a sculptor. That answer seems to best encompass what I’m usually doing. If it looks like there might be some work to be had, I will also mention that I design and build custom furniture (followed up with a business card and/or a multi-media presentation on my iPhone. This behavior embarrasses my friends, especially in public places)
.02:  How and when did your transition to your current creative career come about?

I got into metal work about 12 years ago while building Terroir Restaurant. I did it on the sly for a few years while running the restaurant and then, when I got bought out the Fall of 2001, I switched over to sculpture and design full-time.
.03:  What new projects are you tackling?

My projects are all over the board these days. I just made a 7 foot screen shark. The hope is that I find a place and some funding to create a school of sharks swimming over viewers heads.
I will also be doing some more tumble weed sculptures this winter, working on a bronze sculpture for a house in California and looking for space to do large wall drawings of bugs and cut vegetables.

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