Pro-Israel Demonstration Looks a Little Lonely

By on May 23, 2011


Three lonesome demonstrators showed their support for Israel on Monday on the northwest corner of Broadway and Buffalo Way.  I dropped by to show some support and to chat for a while.  Though I’m a big fan of Israel I’m not a Kool-Aid drinker.  I realize that the Palestinians have a beef, and that there needs to be accommodation on both sides, but I admire Israel’s scrappy courage in the face of threats from psychotically hostile neighbors and the hypocritical condemnation of the majority of U.N. states.


The gang of three on the corner professed their love of Israel, and also their concern about the growing influence of Islamic extremists.  They expressed support for Israel not just, because it’s our closest Middle Eastern ally and a democracy, but also for religious reasons.  I get a little queazy when it comes to the Rapture stuff, because I’m sure that I’m going to get left behind, but the protesters assured me that I will get a chance to chat with Jesus and sort things out before the bus leaves the station, so I’m cool with that.

– Judd Grossman

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