Powder Puff is a Bore

By on October 10, 2011

The Powder Puff football game sounds like a good idea, but in reality is quite a bore.  The game took place on 10/5/11.  I dropped in for about 20 minutes to see what was up.  I imagine that the girls got a kick out of preparing for the game, planning what socks they were going to wear and how they were going to do their hair.  Some of the kids were good athletes.  The problem is that football is a complicated game that is difficult to play.  Watching people play it who don’t understand it or love it is quite drab, and I’m not sure it was a whole lot of fun for the Powder Puffs.  I would have much preferred to watch them play a game that they really new how to play. Maybe soccer.  Also, the apropos, but still disturbing guys in drag half time show was embarrassing.  It seems some guys will take any opportunity to dress in drag.  Let’s get together as a community and limit those opportunities – Please.  This means you, too, Kiwanis.


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