Occupy JH

By on October 15, 2011

About 30 people showed up on the Town Square today to represent the 99% who would like to wrest more money and power from the 1%.  Protesters were polite and well spoken.  Their wide ranging concerns included the undue influence of lobbyists and money on politics, concern that the rich and corporations aren’t paying enough taxes, the need for healthcare reform, the need to protect the environment, and the need to create more jobs.  They all seem to agree that capitalism and democracy are not working correctly for the benefit of the majority of citizens.

Their concern about corruption is well founded, but their focus on socialist solutions to our problems is misguided.  Politicians should be held accountable, and each individual citizen should be held accountable as well, but bigger government will only encourage more corruption.

I think the tax code is too progressive.  If 47% of households don’t pay taxes we are in a dangerous situation where a near majority of people are getting a free ride.  I think everybody should contribute something.  Rich people pay plenty of taxes.  If government was smaller and spent less, the free market would generate more robust growth.

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