9/11 Remembered : The Empire Strikes Iraq!

By on October 24, 2011


You’re all clear, kid, now let’s blow this thing and go home! – Han Solo

On the morning of September 11, 2001 I was asleep in a cozy little cabin in the beautiful high country region of Yosemite National Park.  Giant redwoods loomed nearby.  My world was serene and revolved around climbing massive granite blocks when not working as the “maintenance guy” at an environmental education center.  Frantic knocks on the door raised me from bed followed by the entry of a close friend and cups of hot coffee.

“I’ve got good news and bad news,” she said.  The good news was in fact a huge relief.  The bad news, however, was that terrorists had hijacked airliners and just crashed 2 of them into the World Trade Center buildings in NYC.  My whirled spun.   Coffee was critical.

We hurried over to a coworkers trailer with a TV and watched the horror unfold over and over like every other American that day.  Our president, however, hearing the same news sat nervously in an elementary school room perusing “My Pet Goat”.  An assistant of his behind the camera held a sign up for him: “don’t say anything”. “W” did his best to feign innocence, but he should’ve taken acting lessons from Reagan when he had the chance.

Meanwhile, at the White House on the same morning, Daddy Bush was meeting with Bin Laden’s father and brother to discuss future collaborative business opportunities.  All three are on board of The Carlyle Group, A multinational defense contract and investment empire that has profited immensely over the conflicts initiated in the Middle East.  When business is slow it’s time to start a war.  It’s the American way.

It was four years later that I stumbled upon a video clip of the collapse of WTC Tower 7.  All that time glued to the TV on Sept. 11 in disbelief and not once did I catch news of a 3rd building collapsing that fateful day.

It turns out that the BBC news team, however, did report on Tower 7s demise, yet 20 minutes before it actually imploded perfectly into it’s footprint at free fall speeds.  A CNN newscaster also reported that “Building 7…has collapsed or is collapsing” over an hour before its controlled demolition.  The game show hosts read their script ahead of schedule, yet nobody seemed to notice or care.

I would later learn that two individuals, Barry Jennings(R.I.P) and Michael Hess, were trapped on the 8th floor of Tower 7 for one and a half hours due to the bottom floors being destroyed by explosions while they were descending the stairs.  They escaped by ladder out a window, but only after screaming for help while watching WTC 1 and 2 disintegrate. Blowing out the bottom seven floors prepped  the 47 story building for its scheduled collapse, which just took seconds, a few hours later.  Two birds, one stone, yet in this case it’s two planes and three buildings?  Houston, we have a problem, with you!

Earlier that day, Mayor Giuliani even goes on record providing an eyewitness account to the ABC news where he states, “We were told that the World Trade Center was going to collapse”.  Who told him? How does one know a building designed to withstand multiple airliner impacts is about to implode in conveniently removable 30-foot chunks?  The only person to know would be the individual with their finger on the button that triggered the explosives planted by the security firm of Marvin Bush, W’s brother. Incidentally, the firm’s contract expired that very day.  9/11…it’s a family affair, spanning generations.

All of the pieces have clicked together to reveal this deceptive puzzle.  Entire books have been written about the evidence that have mysteriously never reviewed in mainstream media publications.  The recent dumping of Osama Bin Laden’s body, the world’s biggest supposed “evildoer”, and former ally of the CIA, into the ocean without any verification of authenticity only makes it more obvious.

The destruction of Tower 7 and the multiple preemptive news reports prior to the supposedly unforeseen terrorist attack was clearly an indication that we are being deceived.  Mainstream media was acting, poorly, as our very own “Ministry of Disinformation”.  Orwell and Eisenhower tried to warn us. Just keep shopping.

Investigating the crash sites in Pennsylvania and the Pentagon also revealed a blaringly obvious deceit.  There was no plane of any kind visible in either location or body parts recovered from the passengers.  We were told that fire from airliners burned so hot and fierce that it melted the steel infrastructure of 3 WTC buildings, yet somehow, another supposed 757 which slammed into the Pentagon, miraculously vaporized into thin air, left an open book next to blown out walls unscathed?

“How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think”    – Hitler

Dozens of security cameras filming the event at the Pentagon have also been with held.  The FBI even confiscated surveillance videos from nearby businesses.  The motives are clear.  Hide the truth in order to deceive the American people and create the excuse to wage war against innocent people for profiteering purposes.  Greed has always fueled the war machine.  We’re all currently victims of a series of bad ego trips.

It’s common for people to refuse to believe that our government would not only lie, but intentionally murder it’s own people to create an excuse to wage war.  However, we know now that Gulf of Tonkin incident of 1964, which led to the military invasion of Vietnam was fabricated by our military.  Sadly, this now declassified information has caused not even a murmur of protest from the Vietnam War veteran community.  Oddly, only former pro Minnesotan governor Jesse, The Body, Ventura has publicly expressed outrage.  The ignorance and apathy has been appalling, but suddenly, Americans are finally waking up.

There were no witnesses to the deceptions that occurred in the South China Sea back in ‘64, but this was not the case with 9/11.  Cameras were rolling from start to finish.  10 years later, courageous citizens have sifted through the overwhelming evidence collected by photo, video and eye witness testimonials.  Military grade “nanothermite” explosives were found in dust samples.  Pan cake theories have been disproven.  The entire charade has been systematically exposed, but has never made the leap to mainstream media.

In this digitally driven era, however, there is no more “water under the bridge”.  Everything is cataloged somewhere on the web and is just a Google away.  This development was unforeseen, but is creating a pivotal shift as a continuously growing global community is coming to terms with the truth of 9/11 thanks to sites like YouTube and Facebook. The revolution may not be televised by a monopolized media, but is instead streaming online, 24/7.

Another common response to 9/11 conspiracy theories is that our politicians are too stupid to orchestrate such an event.  It’s true that George W. Bush has bragged about his “low C” grades in college and often had trouble reading his teleprompter, but he was really just the perfect puppet.  Act dumb, W, that’s what you do best.

It’s clear the devilish brains behind the orchestrated “Pearl Harbor” incident reside in our military, oil and global banking arenas.  Just follow the money to find them.  Politicians are now  just disposable pawns in maniacal games of global control and creating hell on earth.

Eerily, when the Bush/Cheney team moved into the White House they even ordered the GOP’s graphic designer to invert the American star into a satanic symbol.  It should also be acknowledged that W’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, assisted in funding Hitler.  9/11 is our Reichstag burn.

Fortunately, the unforeseen explosion of the “Occupy Wall St.” protests, now operating globally, attack our planet’s corrupt financial system.   Members of this finance-mafia profited heavily on that fateful Fall day.  A 1200% increase in “put options” on United and American airline stocks during the 4 days of trading prior to 9/11 is clearly an indication that insiders were eager to profit on this planned attack on American citizens.

Dismantling our sinister banking empire will inevitably lead to justice on a much greater scale then is originally perceived.  We are at wonderfully momentous point in human history.  The inevitable unraveling and restructuring has begun.

These tumultuous times have miraculously become a mythic parallel of the “good vs. evil” Star Wars saga.  Even Cheney has acknowledged public comparisons calling him Darth Vader. Recently he boasted that he was “honored” by the comparison.  How we’ll blow up the Haliburton-built Death Star is unclear.  The Empire has it’s fearful propagandic grip, but it’s weakening every day. We must recall that it was a photon torpedo, intuitively launched by a mindful rebel, which triggered the cataclysmic chain reaction.

Ironically, photons are also the foundation of crucial information beaming from computer screens interlinked all over the world.   Joseph Campbell’s ghost would whisper, “It’s a metaphor…it’s a metaphor”.  The Force is on our side.  A Facebook page recently rebooted Egypt, but what’s currently unfolding online and in the streets is an international Gandhi inspired endeavor.  Time to open each others 3rd eye.

Seizing the opportunities of our present “light” based communication systems is generating waves of transformation as truth becomes accessible to those who seek.  Informational ripple effects are proving to be extremely disruptive.  If the pen is mightier then sword, a laptop with internet access is the grenade launcher of our times.

It’s time We The People realize that our government and current financial structure is not only failing us, but is actually enslaving us.  We can do better. Global passion for peace blended with our current technological infrastructure can effectively wage peace and win.  It’s time to thrive instead of barely survive.  Fire photon torpedoes…


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