Awkward moments target of vid club

By on October 26, 2011

The Jackson Hole Community School Video club meets once per week to produce a weekly video shown to the JHJC students on Tuesday afternoons. They claim that humor and awkward moments are their focus.

James Lummis (R) and Dan Sanford (L) of DIgital Video club confront Academic Dean, Tyler Hardy

“We make videos that generally make fun of polices,” Will Grassel stated, while he was shooting an unsuspecting subject.

When we asked him why? he said that the that they do this because the weekly video “get their minds off of school.” Grassel said the general audience looks forward to humorous videos and because it’s shown towards the end of the day, and it is shown towards the end of the day and it helps improve the mood of the student body.

This week this group of video club was working on making a parody of a wildlife video. With James Lummis at the microphone and Daniel Sanford behind the camera making everyday school seen very wild. This group turns ordinarily things like Tyler Hardly walking out a door interesting or making the group of Glee club seem very chaotic. All of these students were just illustrating how they were having a good time laughing and talking while making a video.

Some students said that it was like being on a adventure. Which was ironic because of they new video they were making this week. Every week this group changes their ideas of their videos. Which have been fun and interesting throughout the school year.

— Reporting by Marisol Hernandez and Photo by Willie Wise

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