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By on August 8, 2012
Horse Feathers

Be keen on listening when Horse Feathers takes stage on Saturday. – courtesy Horse Feathers

Nashville-based indie rockers, The Features, are manufacturers of unshakable pop hooks with a meaty onslaught of White Stripes garage rock-meets-Kings of Lion—at least from hearing tracks via their energetic new release, Wilderness.
According to singer/guitarist Matt Pelham, the guitar-keys-bass-drum combo, “Walks this fine line,” he says. “We’re not weird enough for a certain crowd and we’re a little bit too out there for the other crowd. We fall in the middle somewhere between mainstream and hipster, which puts us in this weird place, but we’re all pretty happy to be here.”
A comparable addition to this bill is Boise-based Finn Riggins. The quirky indie rock trio truly has to be listened to in order to understand the blend of prog-pop, post-punk and synth-driven pop.
JacksonHoleLive presents The Features and Finn Riggins at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, at Snow King Ball Field. Free, all-ages.
Hit maker at Center   
While Kenny Loggins has been referred to as “a moving target” for his forays as a guitar-slinger with a psychedelic rock band, a hot young songwriter with a publishing deal, half of a legendary country-rock duo, a successful solo artist, and a reigning soundtrack superstar, one thing is certain—he has a knack as a hit-maker. Twelve of his albums have gone platinum and beyond, and he has enjoyed hits in four straight decades. Besides that, he also wrote “Footloose” from the film soundtrack of the same name as well as “Danger Zone” (Top Gun) and “I’m Alright” (Caddyshack).
Center for the Arts presents Kenny Loggins, 8 p.m., Tuesday, at the Center Theater. Tickets are $75/balcony and $105/orchestra and front balcony., 733-4900.
Delicate indie-folk
Impressed from a set by Horse Feathers during South by Southwest in 2010, I began to keep up with them. Fans of Nick Drake or Iron & Wine’s hushed folk sensibilities are setup to internalize an interesting blend of baroque, pop and folk that is weaved together by thoughtful arrangements and a linguistic lens via singer-songwriter/guitarist Justin Ringle. Instrumentation also includes violin, drums, cello, saw, piano, and mandolin.
Horse Feathers performs at 9 p.m., Saturday, at the Pink Garter Theatre. Free.

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