eBuzz: Jackson resident will challenge mayor via write-in campaign

By on August 15, 2012

eBuzz: Jackson resident will challenge mayor via write-in campaign

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Longtime Jackson resident Jim Fulmer announced to JH Weekly he intends to challenge Mayor Mark Barron via a ‘write-in’ campaign. The 36-year resident is unhappy with the Comprehensive Plan and hopes to strike it down or send it to a vote of the people by running for mayor.

“If this is the only avenue left to the people by the dishonest tactics used to approve the new plan, so be it. I will be the referendum,” Fulmer stated in a press release obtained by JH Weekly.

Fulmer is unhappy with the Comp Plan’s notion that 60 percent of future growth in Teton County be directed to the Town of Jackson. “To use the new plan to designate the Town of Jackson as the dumping ground for density in Teton County denies our American rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” he said.

Fulmer took exception with a quote from Barron concerning an anti-Comp Plan petition drive, calling signature-collecting tactics “fuzzy.” Fulmer suggested the quote reflected a distrust of Jackson citizens or an attempt to circumvent people’s rights.

“I respect the service that my friend, the honorable Mayor Mark Barron, has given to our town; however I feel that it is time for the focus of the town government to be on the quality of life for the citizens of our town,” Fulmer said. “I will give our people a chance to express their views. If chosen by the people of Jackson to serve as their mayor, I promise to speak up for the rights of the local people and to place their lives, their homes, and their families’ needs as my top priority.”

To get his name on the general election ballot Fulmer needs only three write-in votes, according to state statute.

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