Them on Us: Can the fiscal cliff be rappelled?

By on December 12, 2012

Retired U.S. Senator Alan Simpson has been making headlines lately warning Americans about the dangers of being so long and so deep in debt. The former Republican senator from Wyoming has been the go-to guy regarding the “fiscal cliff” and all things budgetary since he and Erskine Bowles chaired a super committee in 2010/2011 that proposed a solution to the growing federal deficit. Congress shot it down.

Simpson has apparently shifted gears. Rather than convince the no-nothings on Capitol Hill, he is targeting his message straight to a more sophisticated and intelligent audience: the American voter. Appealing particularly to the country’s youth, Simpson urges citizens to get involved through a movement/website called The Can Kicks Back.

“Take part before you get taken apart,” Simpson says in a viral YouTube video which also shows the 81-year-old, no joke, dancing to the pop sensation “Gangnam Style.” It’s a scream and, for anybody that doesn’t know Simpson, probably pretty “out there.”

Anderson Cooper could barely contain his Cheshire cat grin as he intro’d the piece on his show, “360,” during the RidicuList segment. “Now I’m proud to present to you a very important message from the esteemed former senator from Wyoming Alan Simpson. Now this requires your full attention. It is a message from one of the country’s most respected elder statesmen directed to the youth of America,” Cooper stated. “Normally I would say that when former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson does it, it means ‘Gangnam Style’ has officially jumped the shark but I think the dancing can of soda next to him kind of saves it.”

Friess slakes world thirst
Jackson philanthropist Foster Friess has refocused his charitable ways now that the election is over. Friess has traded super PACS for water packs.

Foster and his wife Lynn have been giving to Water Missions International since 2005, but they’ve never done anything like this. No one has. After a generous gift of $125,000 earlier in the year, the Friesses decided to up the ante, pledging $1 million in a challenge grant to the organization dedicated to making safe drinking water available everywhere in the world. It was WMI’s largest donation ever.

“Lynn and I are proud to support such a tremendous organization,” Friess told the nonprofit.

To find out more about the Friess Family Foundation Million Dollar Challenge and to give, visit:

Save the date: 12-12-12
Be on your best behavior today, someone probably has you framed up in their viewfinder.

The date is unique: 12-12-12. Triple “boxcars” won’t happen again for another century; maybe never if the Mayans are correct. Either way, we won’t see it. To commemorate the momentous event, organizers at JH Wildlife Film Festival are spearheading a local movement to participate in One Day in Jackson Hole. The project is modeled after 10-10-10’s One Day on Earth, the media archive that spawned a movie.

Jackson Hole will be filled with more cameras than a Japanese tour bus parked outside of the Lincoln Memorial. JHWFF’s Julie Kling said to be prepared for heli cams in the backcountry, a filmed birth (no death scheduled yet), Fire/EMS footage, and cougar coverage from Jeff Hogan and Craighead Beringia South. The digital capsule collage will be screened in short at TEDxJacksonHole on Feb. 1 and will premiere in full-length film form on Earth Day as a free community event.

All material must be shot in the 24-hour period of Dec. 12. To participate, call Kling at 733-7016. To learn more, and hurry, the day is wasting, check out:

Only in Wyoming: Microsoft gone to shit
When any computer user anywhere in the world downloads Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 8, there’s a good chance it’ll be pulled from a server in Cheyenne, Wyo. And it’s a better-than-chance bet that those Microsoft servers will be powered by the poop of Cheyenne area residents.

The Wyoming Business Council and the State Loan and Investment Board approved a $1.5 million Community Readiness grant to build a data center and power plant that runs off of biogas methane, or human waste.

Construction on the data plant at the Dry Creek Water Reclamation Facility is scheduled to begin in January. It should be up and running by March.

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