eBuzz: U.S. Bank robbed, suspect on the loose

By on December 31, 2012

UPDATE: Lt. Cole Nethercott of the Jackson Police Department confirmed that the bank robbery suspect did not use a weapon.

U.S. Bank in downtown Jackson is currently under lockdown. Sources tell JH Weekly the bank was robbed of approximately $140,000 around lunch time today. Employees of the Powderhorn branch were told to stay away for the rest of the day as an investigation continues.

Authorities are advising citizens to be on the lookout for a tall, heavyset white male in his 30s. He has a goatee, round dark glasses, tan pants and a white polo hat. If seen, the suspect should not be approached. Call dispatch at 733-1430 or dial 911.


White male

– 6’2″ tall

– 350lbs, muscular and not obese

– Short hair, possibly shaven but had a hat on

– English style hat, possibly tan with light green checkering

– Suit coat long and black

– White button up shirt

– Round dark Oakley glasses

– Goatee and moustache, bushy gray or white with dark hair

– Tan slacks

– Strong South African accent

– Large silver watch on left wrist

– Large ears stick out, especially the left

– Good teeth

– Goes by the name of “Charlie”

Photo: Provided by US Bank surveillance camera

Reader Comments
Yikes, almost sent my husband into the robbery. He had business at 2 banks, so I told him to skip US Bank & I’d do the US Bank deposit on Wed.
Teton Cowgirl

Hope he didn’t get my forty bucks !!

Jake, your story is the only source talking about that much cash being taken. There’s not near that much along a typical teller line, and he didn’t go to the vault. How did you confirm that?
Anonyholic II

Fake facial hair

Jake, looks like you had that right after all. Apparently the perp managed to hold the branch manager quasi-hostage in order to get to the vault and the big dollars. Was in there clpse to an hour(?). Quite a story yet to be told.
Anonyholic II

Still out there!

Looks like Christmas came a little late for that gentleman.

I’m thinking he looks an awful lot like ‘Jamie’ on the “Mythbusters” TV show… Hey, we’re here to help!
Mike at the Barber Shop

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