Letters to the Editor 1.2.13

By on January 2, 2013

Zero compassion
Reading Jake Nichols’ article, NEWSMAKER OF THE YEAR 2012, Reverend Mary Erickson seems to be the one filled with hate not the pro-lifers. Ms. Erickson shows zero compassion for the children being murdered at the baby-killing abortion mill and she even goes so far as to try to stop those who would save the lives of those children. Some unbiased journalism would have been nice.

– Reverend Donald Spitz, Chesapeake

Fictional cliff
By the time that eyes, other than mine, greet these words the United States government will have most likely descended over their so called fiscal cliff or perhaps still perilously dangling over its edge.

The irresponsible and inept 112th Congress appear to be no longer engaged in their usual game of ping-pong volley but have reduced themselves to an inane winless match of tic-tac-toe at the expense of a nation. By my own admission I am by no means an expert on economics, of which I highly doubt there are any on this planet, but it seems to smack of common sense that when one owes a serious debt one should not be squandering the money he has elsewhere while ignoring that debt. My one case in point being that the United States should cease on handing out billions of dollars per year in aid to over 25 foreign nations. If they were to withhold such aid, even temporarily, perhaps such an eleventh hour financial panic would not exist. Unless a man were nothing but a fool would he give his money to strangers while his own family lay destitute with need. I may only hope that our government is not such a fool.

There has been on the table a proposed 400 billion dollar cut to the U.S. military. If the government would cease its aid to only Egypt, Israel and Pakistan such a cut would be unnecessary and covered. Most of this such said aid to these nations is for the buildup of their own military. Who is to know that at any moment of self-interest or greed that they will not turn it upon the hand that fed them; with nor cards or thank you’s attached?

My point is that if we tend more to the internal needs and cares of our own nation perhaps we may avoid the occasional obstacle of the abyss. We tend to boast of being the wealthiest nation on earth. If such is so then these fiscal fissures should merely be fictional cliffs and nothing more.

– Patrik Troiani, Jackson

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