Legislative Roundup: ‘Hill Bill’ passes, Legislature in turmoil

By on January 25, 2013
Cindy Hill, State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Cindy Hill, State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Cindy Hill, State Superintendent of Public Instruction


JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Rep. Keith Gingery is growing increasingly frustrated with the actions of some of his fellow legislators. Senate File 104 passed this morning after heated debate. The bill will effectively neuter Cindy Hill’s role as State Superintendent, stripping away most of her authority and duties.
Gingery has been somewhat surprised at the stir created during debate over SF104. The local lawmaker tried to convince the House that if the bill passed into law it would be immediately challenged on its Constitutionality. “This [bill] is a train wreck,” he told the House yesterday. “This isn’t over when you vote tomorrow. This is going to keep going and not play out well.” Gingery added that the fate of SF104 would ultimately be decided by the State Supreme Court.

Gingery’s last-ditch attempt to shine light on the legislation’s flaws and get his fellow lawmakers’ attention went unheeded. His proposed amendment to the bill would have provided $20,000 for Hill’s legal fees when and if she decided to sue. In Gingery’s mind, it was more like ‘when.’ That amendment was struck down.

“I’ve seen friendships end. I’ve seen very heated arguments off this floor with people yelling, screaming, crying,” Gingery said. “That is not the body I’m used to. That’s not what I have ever seen down here.”

No fee hike for Game & Fish tags

Hunting and fishing licenses will not increase. House Bill 136 failed in committee this morning. Supporters of the bill saw it as a feasible means to fund an insolvent department. Opponents feared hunting and fishing activities would become a “rich man’s sport.”

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Keith – $20,000 taxpayer dollars to pay for legal fees when and if she decides to sue? “Train wreck” is correct…..and this one just pulled out of station. Next stop, the political future. Too bad you ain’t going along for the ride.

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