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By on January 30, 2013

I think there must be something wrong with me. I don’t like to do what everyone else likes to do. I can’t stand Facebook and Twitter. Even though I have accounts on both I can’t even bear to log in. If my two favorite words in the English language are “sex” and “chocolate,” then “social” and “networking” are certainly among my least favorite.I don’t much like to go out on the town either. It seems silly to go to the most crowded and noisy places and then try to have a conversation. I do like to listen to music though, but only in small doses.

I’m good for maybe a song, or a song and a half and then I’m usually ready to move on to the next venue. It’s like speed dating with bands. I hover around in the back of the room in my ugly coat and dorky winter hat peering intently at the musicians while fending off any servers that approach. It’s a good thing not everybody’s like me; the bars would go broke.I’ve been enjoying a lot of what I’ve been hearing lately. I think the local music scene is going through an upswing. There was a heyday during the ’80s when things were really good:

Loose Ties, Sawmill Creek, Shelley and Kelly, Beth McIntosh, Derrik Hufsmith, Bob Greenspan, Denny Earnest, etc. It seems like the ’90s and ’00s were a bit drab around here. Too much bluegrass and jam band stuff going on.In the 2010s things are looking up. PTO was sounding very tasteful at Genevieve’s; Screen Door Porch sounds tight at the Moose when Aaron and Seadar sing in tandem; Stackhouse is very talented on guitar, good vocals and has a nice selection of tunes – too much harmonica though. Let’s be honest; harmonica generally sucks and should be banned unless you are Stevie Wonder.

I like Chanman Roots Band, but I’m a bit skeptical of the Papa Chan thing – too much schtick and not enough music. Greg Creamer was singing really well at the Alpenhof Bistro the other night.Go out and listen to the music, before it starts to suck again. I’m starting a new trend: “anti-social non-networking.” If you see a nerdy guy in the back of the bar don’t worry he won’t be there long.

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