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By on January 30, 2013
Kate Schade- courtesy KATE SCHADE
Kate Schade- courtesy KATE SCHADE

Kate Schade- courtesy KATE SCHADE


Lucky life of a lifty
The first of the “One Day in Jackson Hole 12-12-12” projects is finished. We read on that KGB Productions, along with the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival contributed their film project: “12.12.12 A Day in the Life of a Lifty.”

Eric Jacobson and Rob Holbrook, lift foreman and supervisor are two of the lifties featured in the four-minute short. It’s pretty rad.
“Working an upper mountain lift is kinda the dream,” Jacobson said. “We have the great benefit of riding up the 8:12 tram.”

Check it:

Bank job plays out in Utah
Ogden’s Standard-Examiner’s take on the arrest of Corey Donaldson for his alleged robbery of the U.S. Bank in Jackson didn’t have much more to chew on than the JH Weekly story that appeared a month earlier. We told you the amount stolen was $140,000. We told you the robber was in the bank longer than the usual five minutes.

We put our readers right there in the manager’s office when the bank robber talked him through the heist, and we took you there to the scene of the arrest out of the back of a cab in Clinton, Utah.

Donaldson appeared last Thursday before U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul D. Warner in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City on a detention hearing to be sent back to Wyoming to face the bank robbery charges, according to Loretta Park of the Standard-Examiner.

The rat turned out to be an unknown man who called Clinton Police dispatch, according to Chief Bill Chilson. The man said, “This guy is [at my door] and he doesn’t think I’m home. He’s wanted for a bank robbery.”
A friend loaned Donaldson the Toyota Tundra used as the getaway vehicle. He had not reported it stolen, hoping Donaldson would eventually return it.

JH rider grabs air, slaps sky in Italy
Top international big mountain freesking and snowboarding athletes competed Jan. 22, in Courmayeur, Italy on the Tete d’Arp at the SWATCH Freeride World Tour presented by The North Face. Local snowboarder John Rodosky (Jackson Hole) took a well-deserved second, scoring 78.67 points. He was the only American to medal.

Jackson Hole freeskier Crystal Wright is also competing but, according to her Facebook page, hasn’t had much luck in her runs.
We heard the news and watched some awesome video on CBS-TV 5 out of Cheyenne.

Friess still frisky after election
Wealthy conservative investor Foster Friess continues to grab political headlines for his backing of Rick Santorum and his belief the former Pennsylvania senator can make a strong bid in 2016. Friess also compared Santorum to Ronald Reagan on the ABC News show “Top Line.”

The Christian Science Monitor went as far as to collect four top “Friess-isms” gleaned from an hour-long DC interview with the “mega-donor.”
“For Democrats, this is a blood sport. For Republicans, this is a hobby. And that’s why the Democrats run the government and the Republicans run the museums,” was one classic Friess quote.

We also liked, “If you tax me 10 percent more, am I going to sell my jet plane? No. Am I going to sell any of my beach houses? No. Am I going to change my lifestyle? No. What does it do to me? It’s just money that I can no longer give to these various causes I’ve been giving to,” Friess said.

Made in the Schade
Is there anything Kate Schade can’t do? The Idaho businesswoman launched her own energy bar enterprise called Kate’s Real Food not too long ago. Schade is also a sponsored athlete for Klim apparel. She will be showing off some of her mountain biking skills, as well as her factory/kitchen where the tastiest energy bars on the planet are made, on the Idaho Public Television show “Rec Tech” Thursday night, January 31 at 8 p.m.

The entrepreneur’s energy food tastes good but does it work? Ned Suesse was the only American to finish the grueling 2012 Dakar Rally. He was pounding Kate’s nutritional bars all the way through the desert.

Reader Comments
Jake, are you working on a bio or some other type of backstory on Donaldson? Judging by the vitriol in the blog with last week’s story, there’s obviouly lots more to find out about this guy. Meantime, after the word got out about about Donaldson’s self-help book authorship (a friend actually has the marriage volume and highly recommends it), I went to Amazon to find them, but they weren’t listed. This evening I looked again, and voila! They showed up. The review and sneak peak is worth a look:
Anonyholic II

Oh geeze, here we go. Let’s try to make some kind of a tragic hero out of this thieving POS. Nice unbiased writing (as usual). “Rat”? Really? I hope his books sell like crazy so the feds have some assets to seize to pay back every cent of our (taxpayer’s) money.

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