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By on February 5, 2013

Dear editor,
I would like to welcome Representatives David Northrup (R-50), David Blevins (R-25), Samuel Krone (R-24), and Lloyd Larsen (R- 54) to the unique club of BRINO’s Bonehead Republicans in Name Only. These comedians have decided that they are in imminent danger at their governmental meetings in Wyoming.

I mean who wouldn’t be afraid of attending a meeting where all law abiding local Wyoming resident participants might be carrying arms!!! They have left out some important details however … what is a meeting of a government entity? And what if someone who hasn’t read the rules and is a bit psychotic shows up and starts shooting up the meeting? Who is going to protect the “government entity” meeting from their mayhem?

The problem here is that all politicians think they need to be doing something. “Yes, I have been elected, I must write laws and dammit get them passed.” Please if you want to protect the people who attend “Wyoming government entity” meetings buy some Tic Tacs and hand them out at the entrance door, so all the hot air you BRINOS belch smells better.

And please … if you want to act like a Feinstein come out of the closet and change your party affiliation and quit masquerading as a Republican.
– Eckert DeNinno

A harangue on Hillary
It was quite disturbing to watch the Congressional hearing, or shall I say witch trial, of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, regarding last years’ attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya which resulted in the unfortunate deaths of four Americans.

During the course of this hearing some of the inquisitors coyly evaded a direct attack upon the Secretary while others blatantly tongue lashed her as if she alone were responsible for the entire affair.

How dare the U.S. Congress hypocritically conduct such a Third Reich styled hearing against Secretary Clinton, basically blaming her alone for the four American deaths, while totally exonerating former President George W. Bush and former Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney for their responsibility in the irrational atrocity of over 6,000 Americans slain in Iraq and Afghanistan? I imagined that they simply justified this with the rationale of former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin when he stated that,”One death is a tragedy, anymore than that is merely a statistic.”

During the course of this two and a half hour long harangue of bombast blame, blitzes and twistifications of truth, I believe that Hillary Clinton stood stoically strong in the face of it all, and I commend her for gallantly and courageously defending herself and her station.
– Patrik Troiani

Reader Comments
Another mindless, ignorant rant from Patrik. I believe he knows nothing of the Benghazi affair and how/why these “unfortunate” deaths occurred. Yes, Hillary IS responsible, and Libya is Obama’s war, not Bush/Cheney’s. Patrik just seems the mindless liberal, who defends Democrat’s blundering and evil, while condemning Republicans. Yes, Bush/Cheney are horrendous, but this is about Libya. And, one of Hillary’s harshest critics, Rand Paul, is certainly no friend of the Republican foreign policy.
little saganaga

little saganaga, Thank you for your response to my letter. You seem to respond to numerous letters of mine, for some peculiar reason, and for that I am flattered. Yet, I cannot escape an uneasiness that you may not agree with my views at times, and for someone of your obvious intellect, this puzzles me. Still, I thank you. Patrik Troiani
Patrik Troiani

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