Props ’n Disses: Robbin’ hood is full of it

By on February 12, 2013

propsDISS – Robbin’ hood is full of it
Come off it, Donaldson. You robbed U.S. Bank of 140 G’s to bring awareness to the plight of the unfortunate? Do we look like the naive saps who bought your self-help books?

The Australian national who threatened bank employees while stealing money that belonged to honest customers wants to assure anyone who’ll listen (particularly a future jury of his peers) that he did it all for homeless people. In fact, he says he gave away nearly all the money and was three days away from turning himself in.

Yeah, right. And I’m always three days away from starting that purification diet or quitting this crummy job, too.
If Donaldson was such a saint, why did he run off with his buddy’s truck and leave it in California? Why was he caught with a gun in his possession? Donaldson also told the News&Guide that his heist was a good exercise in pointing out the flaws in bank security. That’s what 14-year-old hackers say after they’re caught downloading credit card numbers from a supposedly secure website.

Donaldson learned the American dream fast after arriving from down under. He wanted to get rich quick without all that laboring nonsense. He authored books and offered online advice on marriage despite divorcing his only wife. If he made any money at it, he certainly didn’t have anything to show for it on New Year’s Eve. And that made him bitter toward the “haves” and banks that hold their money.

“There’s no way I’ll ever do it again; once is just plenty I think,” Donaldson told the NaG, along with the statement that he doesn’t see himself as a villain.

Yes, you won’t do it again, Corey; at least not in the next 10 years. You are going to federal prison. And yes, you are a villain … and a crook … (allegedly). Look at it this way, though, at least you won’t be homeless. Be sure and write when you can from Rawlins.

DISS  – JH Airport cleared for take-off
County commissioners and city councilors voted unanimously to back Jackson Hole Airport’s $5 million bid for state taxpayer money to help pay for their new $18M baggage system. Only councilman Jim Stanford questioned the airport board on when will enough be enough?

The airport board has wasted little time after their $30 million expansion to decide an upgrade to the baggage claim area was in order. The airport, like every other, will continue to lose passenger’s bags. Is it necessary to do it faster?
JH Airport is a money-making monster. They cleared well over $1.5 million in FY2011. Their current annual budget ($6.6 M) is nearly double what it was just seven years ago. During the expensive expansion project, the airport raised hangar fees 150 percent for overnight planes while board members enjoyed their annual trip to Hawaii to the tune of $23,000.
The Wyoming Business Council has been an abused gravy train for too many private enterprises that can afford an alternative funding source. If JH Airport wants the baggage carousel to spin faster they can peddle it themselves.

PROP-  Slaughterhouse Sue: Oh no she didn’t
Rep. Sue Wallis gets a bad rap. Her pro-horse slaughter stance has her in Dutch with mustang lovers but Wallis is deeper than that. As a lawmaker, Wallis would rather be bored in Cheyenne than passing mounds of new legislation.
The outsider from Recluse is straight pimpin’ the Wyoming Republican ticket when she defended her “no” vote on abortion legislature by saying, “Freedom is freedom. I don’t want government in my business, I don’t want them necessarily overstepping their bounds in my community, and I damn sure don’t want them overstepping their bounds and invading my personal space or my neighbors personal space and trying to force their view on how the world should be on me or anybody else.”

You go, girl.

Wallis lost her husband of two decades, Rod McQueery, just 10 days before heading into the general session. Still, she has persevered, seeing her pet peeve piece of legislation through the House. The Food Freedom Act (HB 108) would lessen the state’s grip on who can eat what from whom. Locavores herald it as a step toward fostering a sustainable farm-to-fork environment in Wyoming. The bill now awaits Senate action.

Image :Sue Wallis

CORRECTION: In a recent Props & Diss column, JH Conservation Alliance was mistakenly identified as greenlighting development by Finton Ryan at the site formerly known as the Puzzleface Ranch. It was the Nature Conservancy that signed off on the berm building and pond making.
“We have strong objections to the project and find it a clear demonstration of why Land Use Regulations need to be rewritten from the ground up,” stated an Alliance spokesperson.

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