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By on February 12, 2013

themonusA spot-on hilarious meme map of Wyoming is making the rounds. Whoever made it pretty much captured the state accurately and succinctly. Does anyone see a way to improve upon it?

Also making its way around Facebook and other social media outlets is the now-famous receipt from Cabela’s that shows a customer being taxed for Obamacare. The claim that accompanies the picture of a receipt from the renowned outfitter is that health legislation imposed a 2.3 percent excise tax and that, beginning January 1, retailers were imposing the tariff buried inside the sales tax. Supposedly, Cabela’s was the only retailer with the guts to display the tax as a stand-alone line item so customers knew Obama’s healthcare revision was to blame.

Anticipating doubters, the posting even includes a line that states: “Verified on the urban legend sites as TRUE.”
Not true, according to The excise tax is real – imposed on the original sale of medical devices, not turkey calls or hunting socks. Cabela’s mistakenly applied the tax to all their purchases for a short period until the error was caught. They are offering refunds for the overcharge. No refund offered on the liberal haters who posted this fraudulent news like wildfire.

Trotter to run Tin Cup Challenge
Teton Valley News is reporting Community Foundation of Teton Valley has selected Kim Trotter of Driggs as the organization’s new executive director. Trotter spent the past seven years as director of the Idaho Water Project for Trout Unlimited. Before that, she was a land protection specialist at Teton Regional Land Trust.
Trotter is originally from Pocatello. She earned her master’s degree at Duke University and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Puget Sound.

Cheney disses Obama … again
Former Vice President Dick Cheney showed little love for President Obama and his administration while speaking at a state GOP fundraiser last weekend. Cheney lambasted the president for nominating “second-rate people” to key cabinet posts and jeopardized national security by degrading the military.

“He is today … establishing what limitations will be on future presidents,” Cheney told a group of about 300 Republicans at the Little America Hotel in Cheyenne on Saturday.

Cheney was less-than-thrilled with the appointment of John Kerry as secretary of state. Cheney and George Bush defeated Kerry in 2004 to earn a second term in office. CIA designate John Brennan and defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel, both awaiting U.S. Senate confirmation, received equal disdain during the former VP’s half-hour speech.
Wyoming’s senators, Mike Enzi and John Barrasso, who both voted for Kerry’s confirmation, gave introductory speeches for Cheney, according to the Washington Post.
Photo cutline: Wyoming map for beginners

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