CD REVIEW: Anthony Teti “Above and Beyond”

By on February 13, 2013

cdreviewAnthony Teti is a high energy guy. The kind of guy that can do about 10 things at once. Among his many endeavors is to write, play, and record his own music. When I dove into this disc I expected to hear frenetic jams, but Teti’s natural exuberance understandably seems to have been tempered by the passing of his son, Joe, to whom this recording is dedicated. The opening piece “The Sea” is 17:20 of atmospheric meditation. I was lost in a mist-enshrouded dreamland floating between soothing comfort and a creeping sense of unease.

Teti is joined by locals Lawrence Bennett and Bill Plummer. Bennett’s trumpet shines when channelling the long notes of middle period Miles Davis. Plummer is a legendary bassist, and though he long ago came down the other side of the music industry mountain his chops are often thrilling – though on this disc mostly avant garde.
I’m the impatient one as the tracks go on and on, and wisps of musical fog continue to lazily drift by. I eventually capitulate to the slowly pulsating musical “ohmmm.” Above and Beyond is all about the atmosphere. Groove and melody are left below and behind. The vibe is an angst-ridden indie-movie soundtrack, or, God forbid, massage studio incense. – Judd Grossman

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