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By on February 19, 2013

Bright, bright fuchsia and smelling of the concentrated earthiness that follows sky-blackening summer storms, Healthy Being Juicery’s Longevity juice is unlike anything I’ve ever contemplated drinking. I drink pure fruit smoothies with the best of them. But I’ve never before drank beets. And not just beets, but one full pound of them.

Granted, Healthy Being’s Longevity isn’t just beets (there’s also Granny Smith apples, cucumbers, lemons and ginger for a total of upwards of 2.5 pounds of produce per bottle), but that’s where the color and smell come from.

Raising it to my mouth, I’ve got my fingers crossed that certified health coach and Healthy Being founder Jessica Vandenbroeke wasn’t lying when she told me, “I’m not about making things that taste gross.”

Healthy Being Juicery

Healthy Being Juicery

Ten minutes later, I’ve downed the entire bottle. It was not only not gross, but rather delicious. Really. Healthy Being’s Turmeric Tonic, which I’m drinking as I write this, is perhaps the tastiest, thirst-quenchingist thing to ever pass my lips. Its ingredients? Fresh-pressed raw almond milk, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom and dates.

For several months now, I have heard friends and acquaintances talk about these new juices they’re “addicted” to. More inclined myself to be addicted to chocolate chip cookie dough or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or really, anything that needs to be chewed, I thought these friends crazy. Especially since the juices cost $12 per 16.5-ounce bottle.

But after a week in London that included massive over-indulgence ­– a hamburger with bone marrow mixed in and topped with bacon, anyone? Formal afternoon tea five days in a row? – I was looking for something light to review and Healthy Being’s juices seemed perfect.

“Before I started the juicery, I thought juicing was healthy, but now that I’ve seen firsthand so many positive results with clients, I’m a real believer in the power of juicing,” Vandenbroeke said. “I’ve seen it give people more energy and help with food cravings and also reverse disease and heal the body.”

Feeling like a bloated tick and sapped of energy both from a week of rich food – fried pig’s head, anyone? – and jet lag, I’m ready to experience some positive results. If I could gain some energy and lose the feeling I’ve got a 20-pound bag of bacon sitting in my stomach, I’ll too be a believer.

With my stomach gurgling and crampy, I thought it wise to start with Vandenbroeke’s Digest juice. It’s got carrot, green apples, ginger and cinnamon in it. The ginger was the standout flavor, imparting a sharpness and kick that, 10 minutes later, settled my stomach.

My first breakfast course the next morning was a C Me – orange, grapefruit and ginger. (Vandenbroeke does not advertise her juices as meal replacements, but rather enhancements to a well-balanced diet.) It was a little more grapefruit-y than I’d love, but it was still easy to drink. After my palate got used to the grapefruit, I even called it tasty. I wondered if chasing it with a double espresso diluted its nutrients though.

Healthy Being juices are $12 per bottle in large part because of their nutrients. These juices differ from those at Lotus and Whole Grocer, which are significantly less expensive, because they’re cold-pressed. Cold-pressing, which extracts juice via hydraulic press rather than a blender or spinner, doesn’t expose fruits and vegetables to any heat or evisceration. Because of this, cold-pressed juices retain 30 to 50 percent more enzymes and nutrients than juices made via the other two methods. Also, because the juice is pressed through a cloth, fiber and cellulose are filtered out. “Your digestive system doesn’t have to do much of anything,” Vandenbroeke said. “The nutrition just goes right to your cells.”

Several juices down over three days, I have no idea how nutrient-rich my body is. I do know I’ve got my energy back and it no longer feels like I have fried pig’s head sitting in my stomach.

Healthy Being Juicery, inside Inversion Yoga, 290 N. Millward, is open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Mon. to Fri., and also 5 to 6 p.m., Tues. and Thurs. Pre-ordering juice is recommended. 200-9006,



Photo Cutline: Healthy Being Juicery offers an array of nutrient-dense elixirs.

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