PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Wet denim and dedications

By on February 20, 2013

The bumper sticker reads “Cheney Skis In Jeans.” I don’t get it. Is there something wrong with that? Skiing in jeans is cool isn’t it? I’m fond of skiing in my ratty Levi’s up Cache Creek or on Snow King. Sure it’s uncomfortable and chilly, but at least it’s not pretentiously techy like all that Lycra and spandex. I’ve always fancied myself a fashion trendsetter. Going it alone is a sure sign of that. I’ve yet to see Mr. Cheney on the slopes in his jeans, but it will only cause me to admire him more when I do.

I’ve heard Mr. Cheney speak at a number of events, and I’ve been introduced to him. I’m not often intimidated by wealth and celebrity, but being around really smart people makes me nervous. Through his long career in politics and government, Cheney has matched wits with some of the most brilliant people on the planet and often prevailed. This guy doesn’t need to waste his time talking to me. He should be busy trying to figure out how to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. This ties in to my theory that recycling is a waste of time. Dick Cheney shouldn’t be sorting plastics or talking to idiot musicians. He should be doing what he’s best at: starting wars or preventing them, or whatever.

I spent a lot of President’s Day weekend hanging out at Snow King – in my jeans – watching the Sean Nurse Memorial Ski Race. My son tells me that Sean Nurse was a promising young ski racer who died before his time. A number of our local ski races are named in honor of kids who have passed away. It’s a very poignant and positive way to memorialize.

My friends Fred and Vicki Modell have coped with the tragic loss of their son, Jeffrey, by forming an organization to find a cure for the disease that he succumbed to. The Jeffrey Modell Foundation (JMF) works to prevent Primary Immunodeficiency (PI). This is a genetically-inherited disease that affects more than 10,000,000 people worldwide. The Modell’s energy and passion has propelled JMF into international prominence. Their newest endeavour is a partnership with the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation to eradicate polio. The Modells are visiting Jackson this week. They are lovely people. Fred is like Regis Philbin minus the crankiness.

I’ll see you on the slopes – and stop pretending you don’t know me.

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