Gingery’s Search & Rescue bill killed in Senate

By on February 26, 2013

In a surprise turnabout, the Wyoming Senate voted down HB35 at third reading in a 24-5 vote. The bill, which would have granted Search and Rescue Volunteers immunity from personal lawsuit, had cleared the House without a single “no” vote. It also passed two Senate readings easily until opposition appeared overnight, according to the bill’s sponsor, Keith Gingery.

Sen. Phil Nicholas, an attorney in Laramie, led the argument that victim’s of SAR volunteer negligence should have the right to sue the person that messed them up in addition to county entities.

“It was surprising. It was very disappointing,” Gingery said. “I had the votes going into this morning.”

Gingery said he is worried now that the outcome will affect Search and Rescue teams’ ability to recruit and retain volunteers.

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