Best of JH 2013 Readers’ Poll

By on March 6, 2013

Mack Mendenhall, Rena Trail and Scott Larsen, five-time BOJH winners at Chinatown (Best Chinese Restaurant five years in a row.) Photo by Sargent Schutt

People & Living 

Best Real Estate Agent
Gold: Mack Mendenhall
Silver: Katie Colbert
Bronze: Brett McPeak

Best Couple
Gold: Mark Barron & Ruth Ann Petroff
Silver: Foster & Lynn Friess
Bronze: Crazy Tom & Danielle Haigh
Bronze: Buck Parker & Erin Neary
Bronze: Tom Fay & Kristen Frappart

Best Athlete
Gold: Travis Rice
Silver: Crystal Wright
Bronze: Resi Stiegler

Best Athlete (Under 17)
Gold: Peter Neal
Silver: Daniel Tisi
Bronze: Trevor Rizzotti

Best Elected Official
Gold: Mark Barron
Silver: Jim Stanford
Bronze: Ruth Ann Petroff

Best Politician That Does Not Hold an Office
Gold: Captain Bob Morris
Silver: Gary Trauner
Bronze: Jim Stanford

Best Activist
Gold: Captain Bob Morris
Silver: Phil Cameron
Bronze: Jim Stanford

Best Boss
Gold: Joe Rice
Silver: Gavin Fine
Bronze: Bruce Grosbety

Best Local Website (Blogs Included)

Best Non-profit
Gold: PAWS of Jackson Hole
Silver: Animal Adoption Center
Bronze: Habitat for Humanity

Best Charity Event
Gold: Old Bill’s Fun Run
Silver: Fireman’s Ball
Bronze: Teton County Library Fundraiser

Best Teacher
Gold: Smith Maddrey
Silver: Libby Wood
Bronze: Amy Hinnenkamp
Bronze: Christian Burch

Best Lawyer
Gold: David DeFazio
Silver: Gerry Spence
Bronze: Doug Schultz

Best Dentist
Gold: Scott Larsen
Silver: Cary Smith
Bronze: Tyler Bergien

Best Nurse
Gold: Marti Mason
Silver: Laurie Bush
Bronze: Mary Ness

Best Knee Doctor
Gold: Dr. Angus Goetz
Silver: Dr. William Neal
Bronze: Dr. David Khoury

Best Physician
Gold: Dr. Bruce Hayse
Silver: Dr. Mike Menolascino
Bronze: Dr. Brent Blue

Best Yoga Instructor
Gold: Ariel Mann
Silver: Danielle Goldyn
Bronze: Adi Amar

Best Alternative Medicine Practitioner
Gold: Dr. Mark Menolascino
Silver: Dr. Kevin Meehan
Bronze: Dr. Monique Lai

Best Massage Therapist
Gold: Rena Trail
Silver: Juniper Lopez
Bronze: Kim Young

Best Architect
Gold: Nona Yehia
Silver: Peggy Gilday
Silver: Tom Ward
Bronze: Stephen Dynia

Best Entrepreneur
Gold: Gavin Fine
Silver: Joe Rice
Bronze: Bud Chatham

Best Eccentric
Gold: Captain Bob Morris
Silver: Crazy Tom Haigh
Bronze: Teddy Hansen

Best Radio Personality
Gold: Mark “Fish” Fishman
Silver: “Crazy Tom” Haigh
Bronze: Andrew Schwertfeger

Best Gay Hangout
Gold: The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar
Silver: The Rose
Bronze: Ignight

Best Ski Run
Gold: Casper
Silver: Thunder
Bronze: Hobacks

Favorite Liftee (Grand Targhee, Snow King or JHMR)
Gold: Slim Weston
Silver: Dyno Mike Dynia
Bronze: John Newman

Best Reason to Drive to Victor/Driggs
Gold: Victor Emporium Huckleberry Shakes
Silver: Music on Main
Bronze: The Knotty Pine

Best Tourist Trap
Gold: The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar
Silver: The Town Square
Bronze: Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Best Thing to Happen to Jackson Hole in 2012
Gold: Casper Quad
Silver: Fire crew’s response to Little Horsethief Fire
Bronze: Jackson Hole Live Summer Concert Series

Worst Thing to Happen to Jackson Hole in 2012
Gold: Little Horsethief Fire
Silver: The Cadillac and Billy’s Burgers closing
Bronze: Chris Onufer and Steve Romeo deaths

Goods & Services

Best Hotel
Gold: Hotel Terra
Silver: The Four Seasons Resort
Bronze: The Wort Hotel

Best Full Service Spa
Gold: The Spa at The Four Seasons Resort
Silver: Solitude Spa at Teton Mountain Lodge
Bronze: Avanyu Spa at Snake River Lodge

Best Hair Stylist
Gold: Rob Hollis
Silver: Jarius Noble
Bronze: Dave Johnson

Best Shop for Dropping Obscene Amounts of Cash
Gold: Teton Mountaineering
Silver: Altitude
Bronze: Terra Contemporary

Best Fitness Center/Gym
Gold: Bell Fitness
Silver: Jackson Hole Health & Fitness
Bronze: The White Buffalo Club

Best Outfitter
Gold: Dave Hansen Whitewater
Silver: Barker-Ewing Whitewater
Bronze: Jackson Hole Whitewater

Best Gear Shop
Gold: Skinny Skis
Silver: Teton Mountaineering
Bronze: Hoback Sports

Best Bike Shop
Gold: Hoback Sports
Silver: Fitzgerald’s Bicycles
Bronze: Hoff’s Bikesmith

Best Veterinary Clinic
Gold: Spring Creek Animal Hospital
Silver: Animal Care Clinic
Bronze: Fish Creek Vet Clinic

Best Yoga Studio
Gold: Inversion Yoga
Silver: Akasha Yoga
Bronze: Teton Yoga Shala

Best Pet Supply Store
Gold: Pet Place Plus
Silver: Teton Tails
Bronze: Rally’s Pet Garage

Best Pet Care
Gold: Dog Jax
Silver: Rally’s Pet Garage
Bronze: Happy Tails Pet Resort

Best Liquor Store
Gold: The Liquor Store (TLS)
Silver: Smith’s Liquor Store
Bronze: Bud’s Eastside Liquor

Best Florist
Gold: Lily & Co
Silver: Char Ral Floral
Bronze: Briar Rose

Best Produce
Gold: Jackson Whole Grocer
Silver: Smith’s
Bronze: Jackson Hole Farmer’s Market

Best Bank
Gold: Bank of Jackson Hole
Silver: First Interstate Bank
Bronze: Wells Fargo

Best Eco-friendly Business
Gold: Jackson Whole Grocer
Silver: Blue Spruce Cleaners
Bronze: Hotel Terra

Best Place to Buy Drugs (Pick a Pharmacy)
Gold: Smith’s Food and Drug
Silver: Stone Drug
Bronze: Albertsons/Sav-On

Best Customer Service
Gold: Jackson Whole Grocer
Silver: Ace Hardware
Bronze: TLS The Liquor Store

Best Resale Shop
Gold: Headwall Sports
Silver: Browse ‘n’ Buy
Bronze: Habitat for Humanity Re-Store

Best Restroom
Gold: The Four Seasons Resort
Silver: Ranch Parking Lot
Bronze: Thai Me Up

Food & Drink

Best Restaurant
Gold: Snake River Grill
Silver: Rendezvous Bistro
Bronze: Trio

Best Chef
Gold: Kevin Humphreys (Spur Restaurant & Bar)
Silver: Roger Freedman (Rendezvous Bistro)
Bronze: Jeff Drew (Snake River Grill)
Bronze: Joel Tate (Rendezvous Bistro)

Best Wait Staff
Gold: Rendezvous Bistro
Silver: Snake River Grill
Bronze: Merry Piglets
Bronze: Trio

Best Bartender
Gold: Rasta Kris Scholer at The Handle Bar
Silver: Derek Beardsley at The Silver Dollar Bar
Bronze: Handi (Jeff Hinnenkamp) at Eleanor’s Bar & Grill

Best Chinese Restaurant
Gold: Chinatown
Silver: Ocean City
Bronze: Hong Kong Buffet
Best Mexican Restaurant
Gold: Pica’s Mexican Taqueria
Silver: Merry Piglets
Bronze: El Abuelito

Best Thai Restaurant
Gold: Teton Thai
Silver: Thai Me Up
Bronze: Bon Appe Thai

Best Italian Restaurant
Gold: Il Villaggio Osteria
Silver: Nani’s Cucina Italiana
Bronze: Calico Restaurant & Bar

Best “Under the Radar” Restaurant
Gold: Lotus Cafe
Silver: The Bird
Bronze: Eleanor’s Bar & Grill

Best Restaurant/Bar with a View
Gold: Dornan’s
Silver: The Granary at Spring Creek Ranch
Bronze: The Bird

Best Sports Bar
Gold: Sidewinders Tavern
Silver: Eleanor’s Bar & Grill
Bronze: Cutty’s

Best Teton Valley Restaurant
Gold: Teton Thai
Silver: Wildlife Pizza & Brewery
Bronze: Scratch

Best Take-out Food
Gold: Chinatown
Silver: Teton Thai
Bronze: Teton Thai Plate

Best Breakfast Joint
Gold: Nora’s Fish Creek Inn
Silver: The Virginian Restaurant
Bronze: Cafe Genevieve
Best Coffee Shop
Gold: Pearl Street Bagels
Silver: Elevated Grounds
Bronze: Jackson Hole Roasters

Best Baked Goods (Name a Bakery or Baker)
Gold: Persephone Bakery
Silver: The Bunnery
Bronze: E.leaven

Best Sandwich Joint
Gold: Creekside Market & Deli
Silver: New York City Sub Shop
Bronze: Backcountry Provisions

Best Meat Counter
Gold: Jackson Whole Grocer
Silver: Pearl Street Meat and Fish Market
Bronze: Aspen Market

Best Soups
Gold: Pearl Street Meat and Fish Market
Silver: Jackson Whole Grocer
Bronze: Pearl Street Bagels
Bronze: Cafe Genevieve

Best Vegetarian Offerings
Gold: Lotus Café
Silver: Jackson Whole Grocer
Bronze: Terra Cafe

Best Breakfast Burrito
Gold: DOG
Silver: Terra Café
Bronze: Creekside Market & Deli

Best Burger
Gold: The Bird
Silver: Local Restaurant & Bar
Bronze: Billy’s Burgers

Best French Fries
Gold: Trio
Silver: The Bird
Bronze: McDonald’s

Best Salsa
Gold: Merry piglets
Silver: Pica’s
Bronze: El Abuelito

Best Sushi
Gold: Nikai
Silver: Sudachi
Bronze: Ignight

Best Pizza
Gold: Pinky G’s
Silver: Pizzeria Caldera
Bronze: Mountain High Pizza Pie

Best Wings
Gold: Eleanor’s Bar & Grill
Silver: Snake River Brew Pub
Bronze: Sidewinders

Best Locally Roasted Beans
Gold: Jackson Hole Roasters
Silver: Snake River Roasting Company
Bronze: Dolce

Best Pint of Locally Brewed Beer
Gold: Pako’s IPA (Snake River Brewing)
Silver: Snake River Lager (Snake River Brewing)
Bronze: Snake River OB-1 (Snake River Brewing)

Best Place to Get a Cocktail
Gold: The Rose
Silver: Ignight
Bronze: Local Restaurant & Bar

Arts & Entertainment

Best Cover Band
Gold: Miller Sisters and Mandatory Air
Silver: Deadlocks
Bronze: Lazy Eyes

Best Band Playing Original Songs
Gold: One Ton Pig
Silver: Miller Sisters and Mandatory Air
Bronze: Screen Door Porch

Best Musician
Gold: Peter Chandler
Silver: Isaac Hayden
Silver: Aaron Davis
Bronze: Judd Grossman

Best Musician (Under 17)
Gold: Michael Scalabrino
Silver: Marenea Salerno Colling
Silver: Daniel Sanford
Bronze: Jack Keckler
Bronze: Syler Peralta-Ramos

Best Teton Valley Musician
Gold: Ben Winship
Silver: The Miller Sisters
Silver: Brian Maw
Bronze: Greg Creamer

Best Club DJ
Gold: Rocky Vertone
Silver: Cut la Whut
Bronze: Al Hunter
Bronze: Elliot Alston

Best Live Entertainment Venue
Gold: Pink Garter Theatre
Silver: Jackson Hole Live at Snow King
Bronze: Center for the Arts

Best Local CD Release (2012)
Gold: Mandatory Air (Take Me Home)
Silver: Elk Attack (Second Born)
Bronze: Screen Door Porch (The Fate & The Fruit)

Best Western Art Gallery
Gold: Trailside Gallery
Silver: West Lives On Gallery
Bronze: Legacy Gallery

Best Contemporary Art Gallery
Gold: Tayloe Piggott Gallery
Silver: Diehl Gallery
Bronze: Heather James Fine Art

Best Emerging Artist
Gold: Kelly Halpin
Silver: Amy Jurekovic-Dowell
Bronze: Amy Ringholz

Best Established Artist
Gold: Amy Ringholz
Silver: September Vhay
Silver: Kathryn Mapes-Turner
Bronze: Ben Roth

Best Artist (Under 17)
Gold: Oliver Hollis
Silver: Hannah Todd
Bronze: Caroline Pierce
Bronze: Isabel Logan

Best Photographer
Gold: Tom Mangelsen
Silver: Morris Weintraub
Bronze: David Swift

Best Actor/Actress
Gold: Brian Lenz
Gold: Jeff Bratz
Silver: Macey Mott
Silver: Andrew Munz
Bronze: Taralee Larsen

Best Filmmaker (Sports Action/Animated/Short/Documentary)
Gold: Curt Morgan
Silver: Todd Jones
Bronze: Darrell Miller
Gold: Best Hike
Silver: Best Facial Hair
Bronze: Best Dog

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