Park responds to hunter-grizzly incident; changes made to elk hunt

By on March 13, 2013

Grand Teton National Park officials today announced significant changes will be made to the controversial elk reduction program, which allows hunting within the national park in late fall.

Park officials will limit the amount of ammunition hunters can carry to seven cartridges per day, and the number of shots a hunter can fire into a herd of running elk. The measure is intended to reduce random firing into herds resulting in wounded elk that are never recovered by hunters but eventually found by grizzly bears.

The griz hotspot – a portion of the Snake River bottom between the Deadman’s Bar river access road and Ditch Creek – will also be closed to hunting next season. Thick timber in the river bottom was partially to blame for last November’s grizzly shooting and a mauling incident in 2011. Hunters will also be required to use non-lead ammunition.

To replace the loss of the hunt area near Schwabachers, authorities will open the area between the Gros Ventre River and the road to Kelly to hunting next fall.

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