SNOWPACK: Better Days

By on March 19, 2013

Last week, after two days of delayed openings on the tram because Rendezvous Bowl was so icy people would slide all the way to the bottom, a stormy day with up to 78 mile per hour winds closed the ski area.  It is sad times when Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s tram could not open for a full day, three days in a row.

Temperatures reaching above 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the valley melted snow and then once refrozen, the skiing was almost as bad as it gets. After an early morning run down the Hobacks a friends told me, it was the worst run he had ever had in Jackson.

Last Sunday’s strong, westerly wind loaded this icy crust with new snow leaving behind a slab on leeward slopes. This slab is more than a foot in depth and lies upon a good sliding layer. The new snow has softened the hard snow surfaces, but much healing is still needed. We can only hope nature will continue with snow and once again we will have smooth soft skiing.

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