Annual beer keg hunt ends with lucky winner

By on March 28, 2013
Auggie Katzer (SRB), Brien Ables (winner), Fish (KMTN)

Auggie Katzer (SRB), Brien Ables (winner), Fish (KMTN)

Put away your treasure maps and shovels – the Easter Kegg has been found.

The 4th annual KMTN/Snake River Brewing Easter Kegg hunt for a hidden half keg ended Thursday with its discovery by Brien Ables. The contest kicked off on Monday as clues were read by KMTN jocks over the air three times daily.

KMTN program director Mark “Fish” Fishman said Ables found the hidden “kegg” after the first clue Thursday, shortly before 1 p.m. It was buried on the east side of the dike just west f Emily’s Pond.

Ables told JH Weekly by phone that he was “all over that place” on Wednesday with about 15 others but no one was able to zero in on the exact location. After hearing the first clue on Thursday morning, Ables felt confident and headed to the dike, shovel in hand. When he arrived, Brad Latorre was already there, digging in a spot Ables thought was pretty close to pay dirt.

“I went to the left of him a little and first dig I hit it,” Ables said.

Ables wins a free beer a day for a year at the Snake River Brewery, along with tickets for Widespread Panic at Targhee and other schwag. Ables offered the Panic tickets to Latorre.

“He asked if I would split the tickets with him and I said ‘no, I’ll give you both of them,” Ables said. “I had already bought tickets and [Latorre] was out there digging with me for a long time. It turns out his girlfriend is my payroll manager at Parks and Rec.”

Ables said he has been to the Brew Pub a few times but will definitely be a regular now.




Clue 1  

North, South, East West

The Kegg’s in the Hole so start your quest


Clue 2

Yonder lies Jackson Hole,

Head that way to accomplish your goal


Clue 3

The snow is melting, so grab your boots,

The keg is hidden amongst the roots



Clue 1  

Today we give you clue number 4,

The Easter Kegg lies on the Valley floor


Clue 2 

The clues get more specific over the next 3 days,

Deciphering these clues will pave the way


Clue 3

You may have to venture off the beaten path,

To find the Kegg, do the math



Clue 1  

I’d grab my dog and head north my friend,

You’ll find the Kegg just around the bend


Clue 2 

From here I can see Glory and the Grand,

I’m at the crossroads buried in the sand


Clue 3 

A beer for a year from Snake River Brew,

All you need to do is to figure out this clue.



Clue 1

That silly Kegg, where is that thing?

It’s at a place accessible in spring.

[Kegg found]


Clue 2 

Go past the construction and to the pond,

Now head west my friend, it’s just beyond


Clue 3

Over the river and thru the snow,

This could have been a good bike bridge you know.

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