Wildlife ‘safari’ at Elk Refuge

By on March 29, 2013
CUTLINE: Lion - coyote standoff CREDIT: Lori Iverson

CUTLINE: Lion – coyote standoff
CREDIT: Lori Iverson

What a rare photo opportunity Lori Iverson found herself with Thursday. As dusk settled upon the National Elk Refuge, Iverson caught a sight fit for a safari adventure.

Two juvenile mountain lions were ‘treed’ by a pack of coyotes on the refuge. For more than an hour, Iverson watched as the lions took purchase on a buck rail fence trying to figure out how they were going to extricate themselves with pride and pelt still attached. The coyotes, numbering five in all, seemed to take exception with the cats’ presence.

Eventually one of the mountain lions mustered the courage to slink away, hissing and yowling at the pursuing coyotes as it ran off. The second mountain lion was still hunkered down at the fence when Iverson left.

Catch the scene as it played out on flickr.

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