Village Café likely looking for new digs

By on April 5, 2013

TETON VILLAGE, WYO – The Village Café in Teton Village might have just wrapped up its last ski season serving breakfast to skiers and pizzas to local condo dwellers. VC is being threatened by a renovation project that could leave the popular eatery without a home.

Dom Gagliardi, who has owned VC for 13 years, said a new owner has purchased the building and will likely tear it down.

“I’ve been in touch with the new owners, InterWest, and it looks like they intend to go big,” Gagliardi said. “Their project is still changing a lot as they work with [Carney Logan Burke Architects] but I talked with the new owner and he understood what an integral part of the community and history the Village Café is. The food and beverage aspect is just a small part of what they are planning for with the new building, though, so I am leaving my options open.”

Gagliardi said he has always renewed a simple lease agreement for the space VC uses. He just recently re-upped for another three years but the agreement is voided if the building is demolished. The only recourse Gagliardi feels he has in continuing the café in another location if need be is a retail liquor license. Retail liquor licenses are the only permits that remain with their applicant and can be transferred from location to location.

Gagliardi petitioned the county months ago to free up one of their retail licenses, which commissioners agreed to do. Gagliardi and others will present their case in front of the board on April 16.

“I wanted more flexibility with the liquor license,” Gagliardi said. “With the retail license we could have multiple dispensing areas including the outdoor deck. We could use the retail license for concerts on the Commons. We are becoming more of a bar, anyway, so we are headed in this direction. I instigated all this before I knew the building was going away.”

Gagliardi admitted all the Village Café really is in the end, should it be evicted by demo, would be a retail liquor license and its customer base. “I have a Plan B but I’m holding out hope that we can stay where we are,” he said. “We’ll see how it plays out with the new building.”

Gagliardi said he was overwhelmed by the “Save the VC” campaign launched without his knowledge. “Hopefully it will show the commissioners the kind of support that exists for it,” he said.

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