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By on April 9, 2013

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – In April, Teton County Library honors poetry as part of our year-long 75th Anniversary Celebration and highlights the genre as part of national Poetry Month. One program, Voces, is a bilingual poetry reading session, allowing poetry enthusiasts to participate in the arts in either Spanish or English. At Voces, presenters can read aloud their favorite poem or select one from the library’s pre-selected stack.

Bilingual poet and artist Gerson Giron went a step beyond most, sharing original poems at one session of Voces. Our next meeting is Saturday, April 27 from 10 a.m. to noon in the library’s Ordway Auditorium.

Here are two of Gerson Giron’s poems – one about a best friend and the struggles they endured and another written in Spanish.


For Love

I was broken to the core
Left with so much to give
Countless nights, my back to the floor
No doubt in my mind i needed to live.
Dealing with the pain
Dealing with the grief
Barley flooded my veins
It was the only relief
Battling the heights
He struggled and fought
He realized his vice
Was all that he sought
Filling our minds with delusional excitement
Moly was our friend with temporary enlightenment
We had the cure
We had the truth
If we could just be pure
Like in our youth
The angel of light portrayed as a snake
Rejoiced in delight with every mistake
The love of his life
Tugged at his heart
A double edged knife
Was where he did start.
Fumbled and stumbled
Till we got on our feet
We let that old life crumble
Till our goal we did reach.
Deduce what you will what’s written above
The only way out was doing it for love


Quisiera control

Has tomado control de mi corazón
Has tomado control de mis pensamientos
Reprimirte quisiera pero es luchar contra el viento
Olvidarte quisiera pero es como detener mi aliento
Drogarme quisiera para al menos sentir unos momentos sin tu ausencia
Besar tu piel quisiera para recordarme de tu presencia
Loro sin lagrimas
Sufro sin dolor
Por eso no se dan cuenta
De la ausencia de mi amor

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