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By on April 11, 2013

Way to go, Jake

Thank you so much – always for your great reporting, sarcastic humor, calling bullshit, and tell-it-like-it-is directness.

The trapping articles are still blowing me away.

And a big thank you for props and disses this week, in particular the mention of Dan Cook, dog and cougar, and the whining of hunters.

Way to go.

Jackson and its wildlife are lucky to have you.

– Heather Mathews, (Office Assistant at The Cougar Fund)


North Korean suicide

The escalation of sword rattling by the leaders of North Korea should be a serious concern to many nations; particularly North Korea herself. The current threats from Pyongyang of plans for aggressive missile launches and a possible land troop breach of the D.M.Z. would most indubitably be an act of suicide for a nation already on the brink of extinction. North Korea is nothing but a pure military state and a nation cannot survive for long by such means only.

With millions of North Korean citizens economically destitute and near the state of starvation, along with countless numbers within their secretive gulags, I would be skeptical of the reliance upon high patriotic morale and support were war to break out.

Their military science has apparently proven that they do have the ability to detonate a nuclear device. Yet are they capable of arming missiles, which appear not to be beyond 1950s technology, with warheads without them blowing up in their own faces?

The ground game may present a different dilemma. With 9 million North Korean troops vs. 4 million South Korean troops and 30 thousand American troops already present in the South, I fear that old fashioned brutal warfare may prevail. Certainly the United States, with their imperialistic intrusions, will be sending many more troops to be unnecessarily slain in a festering fire that has been burning for over 60 years; blatantly forgetting the already 40 thousand American lives lost in the first “police action”. In light of the state of the American economy, to invest and become involved in a new conflict may be a bit suicidal on her own part.

I do not underestimate the perils of this present situation. I simply am of the mind that if Pyongyang foolishly executes her bloviated threats and war does come to pass, I truly desire that for once the United States not become directly involved and let this distant nation settle their own ancient grievances amongst each other; despite a loss of American self interest in the region. North Korean suicide will have little impact upon anyone except North Korea itself.

– Patrik Troiani,  Jackson

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