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By on April 16, 2013

Bitter pill

Just suppose that scientists devise a pill that allows the male species to conceive children, how many supposed pro-life males would be willing to indulge, and if so what changes would there be in the option of choice? Ladies: Ask your husband or boyfriend if they would take the pill.

I recently saw a graph of States that are considering introducing personhood bills. This bill would give an embryo all Constitutional rights and if aborted would be considered murder. Wyoming was one of the States listed on the graph.

When asked the question what punishment would be handed down to either the expected mother or the doctor involved in the abortion Legislators  respond with a blank look, and refuse to answer the question.

The question I have is who is to determine if a woman has a miscarriage whether it was natural or induced? Would women be required to obtain some sort of certificate from the hospital certifying her miscarriage was within the bounds of the law, and who would be required to pay for the medical certification?

What’s the possibility of the creation of womb police investigating women that have miscarriages? Would there be rewards for those that turn in their friends and neighbors for the murder of an embryo?

I’m not sure of the Chapter and Verse, but I’m sure it’s in there where as the god of the bible says that it is better for a man to plant his seed in the belly of a whore than on a rock on the the ground. Does this mean that prostitutes should be available to men so they don’t abuse their sperm? Should men be charged with a crime if they masturbate and allow their sperm to be wasted not being used with the intent of procreation?

My last question: Should Wyoming women vote for the Taliban conservative legislators that are running for office?

–  Butch Krichmar

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