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By on April 23, 2013

Life lessons

You passed up the opportunity to educate yourself about ADHD before you wrote last week’s column, so I won’t try to do it here. As the old saying goes: If you don’t do it yourself, life will do it for you. That suggests to me a future for you of dearly loving someone with ADHD. It’s going to be hard, friend. So hard. I send you my best wishes for patience and compassion to help you through.

– Tina Welling Buhler



I appreciate your excellent reporting for JH Weekly. Your writing is excellent; and you have the courage to speak truth to power.

– Mary Rogers, Jackson


Real government cuts

In these present times when the U.S. government is crying poverty, creating sequesters, budget cuts, spending freezes,etc., allow me to suggest a solution, although minor in manner, that may aid in the cause. Bold as this idea may be, and most certainly unwelcomed on “The Hill”, may I propose a salary cut of $50,000 for each member of Congress, the President and his 21 or so cabinet members. This meager amount would be unfathomable wealth to most Americans.

If 100 Senators, 235 House Representatives, the President and his cabinet members all sacrifice a skimpy $50,000 from their already exuberant salaries, that would put 18 million dollars a year into the U.S. Treasury. Such a cut on their part would hardly leave any of these self-glorified prima donnas in the poor house. While most other Americans are sacrificing with much higher stakes at hand, it would seem to be the least of virtuous acts that government leaders can do in a republic for the people, by the people.

I realize that 18-million dollars a year is a tiny drop in an almost empty bucket. Hell, most of these congressmen, and women, are individually worth more than that in the private sector. Yet it may be a start and it may help in one way or another.

Eighteen-million dollars can produce one Predator drone aircraft or it can contribute to the upkeep of many national parks or funding for programs of the less fortunate or the rehabilitation for a few poor bastards returning from unnecessary wars, missing a few body parts that they initially left home with. This amount of money can do well when spent wisely.

The U.S. government asks the average American to tighten their belt and suck it up during this recessive financial period. Is it not their elected responsibility and duty to set an example and do the same as they ask of us?

– Patrik Troiani, Jackson

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